PROJECT VERITAS: ‘Thousands’ Of Homeless Voters In Georgia Are Unlawfully Registered… Is This News? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2021

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[Editor’s note: this story has been updated to include a follow-up video where Project Veritas confronted Adam Seely regarding his comments about the thousands of illicit ballots.]

*Begin Update*
Here is the follow-up confrontation video.

Hmm. He didn’t seem to have any trouble talking about it when he thought it was off the record. What’s the matter, lawyer got your tongue?

*End Update*

They keep asking us for proof of why we doubt the authenticity of these battleground state results… and we keep pointing them to stories like this one.

How much proof is finally enough to force them to rip off the blindfold?

Project Veritas strikes again.

By law, you can only use a place you actually sleep as a mailing address for ID purposes. This can include a shelter. But it cannot include an office building.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Violation of that law can land you in prison for up to 10 years… if it’s enforced.

The officials in Georgia keep telling us ‘there’s nothing to see here’.

We’d like to see their explanation for how, in at least one instance, 1000s of people can have the same address… and that address received all of those unsolicited mail-in ballots.

Where did those ballots go? Did they find their way into a ballot box somewhere? Were they part of the stash of mystery ballots that showed up in the middle of the night?

Shouldn’t somebody tasked with overseeing this election at least PRETEND to CARE about these questions?

That would require courage and integrity… qualities in short supply among our ‘ruling class’.

And the left blames TRUMP for the loss of confidence in the electoral system?

Guess again, folks.

Trump was never the one trying to rip up the various guardrails designed to inhibit the various schemes of electoral tampering.

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