Trump Says He Will Not Be Attending The Inauguration — Here’s Why That’s The RIGHT Call…

Written by K. Walker on January 8, 2021

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Trump is being lambasted for this decision, but it’s actually a very good decision for several reasons.

A whole lot of people have their panties in a bunch over President Trump saying he won’t attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration on January 19. But really, this is all just a tempest in a teapot.

Is it the “breaking of norms”? Yeah, I guess. But attending the Inauguration is not exactly a necessary thing. Does it show that we can respect the will of the people? Sure, it does. But Trump has committed to a peaceful transition of power, let the man leave office without being mocked by the leftist media around the globe. Because that’s precisely what would happen if he attended.

Let’s be real for a second — Donald J. Trump is a polarizing figure. That’s partly the Media (D)’s fault for their intense and fervent bias against him, but that’s the reality that has been created. They called him racist, sexist, xenophobic, and that he’s a neo-Nazi Klansman-sympathizer and “literally Hitler.” Any small misstep would be amplified exponentially.

How is the Media (D) that is completely obsessed reporting this?

It’s another “breaking of norms” according to NBC News.

And, of course, the Pee-Pee Tape Truthers weigh in.

CBS was a bit more accurate… but just a bit. The framing is still pretty obvious.

Daily Mail U.S. calls it a “snub.”

HuffPo admits the truth.

New York Times contributor, Paul Krugman, who is wrong on literally every single thing, is very worried that what President Trump might do in the next few days, or that he might sabotage the Inauguration itself.

This is a fantasy. This is classic Trump Derangement Syndrome™.

Speaking of TDS, a hairstylist for Queer Eye has left the foil on his head a little too long. Check out this conspiracy theory that is permitted to stay up on Twitter with no flag on it.

That is absolute crazy talk! Who has been the one calling for an end to rioting and unrest for months while Democrat lawmakers egged it on and bailed out agitators?

It’s not just the U.S. media jumping on this opportunity to bash President Trump.

“It only ever happened 3 other times in history!” says the Canadian Government-run Media.

The lefty Canucks are eating this up, by the way. Here’s another Canadian reporter.

It’s good to see that they’ve got no issues in their country to report on right now, isn’t it?

VIRAL VIDEO: Police In Canada Forcibly Break Up ‘Illegal’ Gathering Of 6 People In A Private Residence

Meanwhile, as the left rages, it’s important to note that there were a number of Democrats who refused to attend Trump’s Inauguration in 2016.

Back to the issue at hand, though.

Attending Biden’s Inauguration is a lose-lose scenario for Trump. The Media(D) is totally obsessed with him (which has been pretty clear for the past 5 years) and if he attends, all eyes would be on him instead of the incoming President. It’s actually a courteous thing to skip all the pomp and ceremony.

But I’m under no illusion that President Trump’s motives are at all altruistic here.

He, like millions of his supporters, believe that this election was stolen through shenanigans by the states to undermine the integrity of the election and dismissing any concerns as baseless conspiracy theories. There’s some real, deep hurt there. The man got in excess of 10 million votes more than he had in 2016 with the 24/7 anti-Trump media working in conjunction with Big Tech to vilify him. But somehow, Joe Biden, who failed to become the nominee twice before, lies constantly, and is an absolute joke who hid in his basement for months at a time, didn’t answer questions, and had his son exposed as a corrupt grifter profiting on his father’s name, had a record-breaking number of votes that made Obama’s record-breaking number look like it was J.V. It’s really quite a helluva thing that happened during Election Season!

Let’s also be real for a second — all of the cameras would be fixated on President Trump and any hint of displeasure would be meme-fodder and made viral by the Trump-hating mob… because that is apparently just fine and not divisive. (Spoiler Alert: It is, though.)

I’m apparently not the only one who thought this.

O’Reilly is right, the President should meet with Biden to at least quell the complaint about him refusing to concede and allow a “peaceful transition of power” that the left is suddenly so desperate for.

Nevertheless, the Media(D) will hate on him just the same no matter what he does. They will always find something to criticize.

That’s why all of this doesn’t really matter. I wish it were otherwise because the ceremony is a nice visual for the country. But the Left has made any disagreement with their policies nigh-unto criminal and has poured poison into our political debate. It wasn’t Trump that made politics toxic, it’s been that way for a long time. The Media(D) is just using him as a scapegoat for their partisan hackery that has been going on for decades.

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