WTF: Prayer To Open Congress Would Have Framers Spinning In Their Graves (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on January 4, 2021

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Is it a surprise that Democrats are hostile to traditional Biblical beliefs? No. Is it a surprise to see them go this ‘woke’ in a prayer? It was a stretch even for them.

They’ve been trending secular and hostile to mainstream beliefs for a long time.

But this was weird.

For one thing, the same people who specifically object to any instance of praying in Jesus’ name had no problem praying in the proper name of a Hindu god.

There is a generic reference to an unnamed monotheistic god, and a specific acknowledgment of the Hindu one. Then he threw in the various gods of many different faiths, before his curious conclusion.

“Amen and A-woman.”

What kind of a jackass half-wit preacher actually believes Amen is somehow ‘gendered language’? Amen isn’t even an English word. It’s Hebrew. Isn’t altering it to conform with ‘woke’ English language convention some kind of cultural appropriation?

Also, the mere mention of these pagan deities is an explicit affront and deeply offensive to ANY of the monotheistic faiths in whose names you are pretending to pray. Yes, Democrats, that includes the Muslims.

The prayer itself is nothing more than an embarrassing act of theological masturbation. It’s the kind of exercise to be condemned by God, not rewarded.

This wack-a-doodle preacher couldn’t pick the Biblical Jesus out of a police lineup with the 3 little pigs.

If he saw Jesus as he actually shows up in scripture, and not in our watered-down inoffensive and safe version we shove into neat little political or theological boxes, he would never have dared to utter a prayer this ridiculous.

Jesus as we see him here.

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