Media (D) Suddenly Finds A NEW Republican To Call A ‘Nazi’

Written by Wes Walker on January 4, 2021

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The goalposts are already shifting. Feeling like Trump is ‘safely’ in the rearview mirror, media are already beginning to move into that next phase of TDS.

It’s exactly the same playbook we’ve seen them level at past Republicans.

Dubya, for instance, was the personification of evil, a war criminal, and literally Hitler.

Well, that lasted until Trump came around. Suddenly, Dubya was ‘rehabilitated’ so as to be milder then the ‘even more extremists’

For four years President Trump has been the lightning rod for every loathsome sentiment directed against republicans.

Democrats, believing Trump is becoming yesterday’s news, and no longer a political threat, are starting to shift him into the ‘yeah he’s bad, but not nearly as bad as [insert next guy they’re trying to demonize]’ category.

First signs of this shift are already showing up.

Here’s a perfect example.

After four years of Orange man bad, Trump-is-an-autocrat-who-must-be-impeached-for-the-good-of-the-nation, suddenly we’re not supposed to think of him as a ‘serious’ literally Hitler. He was more of a comic version of literally Hitler.

Those Hitlerian fears should be reserved for the next guy.

(Pretty sure that would come as cold comfort to his family, friends, and associates who have been continually harassed on the taxpayer dime to the tune of millions of dollars of investigations.)

Now that you know that this is just an act it tells you a few things.

One, this gives you a reference point to show your leftist friends and family members who still don’t see it.

Two, if their rage is so easily redirected to the very next Republican in line, it tells us that the loathing they supposedly had for Trump — and insisted that others participate in — was entirely artificial, manufactured, designed to whip up similar sentiments in the public.

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