Yo Portland & Seattle: Does Biden’s Silence About YOUR Violence Bother You?

Written by Wes Walker on January 22, 2021

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Honest question for honest citizens of Portland and Seattle: we realize your cities are much further left than any red state, but who seems more concerned about the safety of citizens in your city — Republicans, or the political/media/tech machine of the political left?

It’s a different kind of spin on the Democrat slogan ‘silence is violence’.

The violence by the so-called ‘antifascist’ activists — or, if you prefer to be blunt about it: would-be revolutionaries — shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, they’re becoming more bold.

It’s been an on-again-off-again issue for years, but it’s never really gone away.

Their actions against ICE buildings, which local government officials did nothing to stop only emboldened them further. Events of 2020 gave some convenient cover for them to swing for the fences, and the windows, and at the heads of various law enforcement members, and strangers in the street.

From the beginning, those on the Right have condemned political violence, but because it was couched in the language of ‘resist’, the political left seemed willing to tolerate it. Their side seems unwilling even to press charges against lawbreakers who have destroyed property, terrorized neighborhoods, attacked civilians and wounded law enforcement officers by the hundreds leaving some of them maimed or blinded.

They are a lawless mob who devoutly believe in violence as a tool to achieve political agendas. They are no friends of the people on the right, but even the left doesn’t go far enough for their liking. As we have seen both in November when the election was first being called for Joe, and after Inauguration Day itself.

We have previously reported on groups developing EXPLICIT plans — predating the election — to ‘become ungovernable’ and force America to overturn a Trump win and put Biden into office had the results gone the other way. This is the actual sedition plot their side doesn’t want to talk about. Team ‘Resist’ Has Some Big, Nasty Plans If Biden Doesn’t Win — Here’s The 411

These hard-left rioters aren’t worried about consequences or anyone coming to break up their gleeful destruction of Portland and Seattle, because they have plenty of powerful and wealthy friends in high places. Hell, the new Veep was busy helping bail their buddies out of jail.

Activists (Antifa or otherwise) have even seized parts of the city — CHAZ/CHOP and the Red House — with impunity and no serious criticism from Democrats or the media.

They are not behaving like a group of First-Amendment-loving protesters. They are intentionally fomenting civil unrest and endangering citizens.

If Joe Biden is going to militarize the entire capital because a few hundred people with flagpoles caused trouble for a couple of hours and left before dark, and Nancy Pelosi is on record asking for ‘crew-manned machine guns, and walls’ to protect her withered husk from some imagined threat of a right-wing bogeyman, what are you going to do about the KNOWN threat of people committed to ongoing violence threatening key cities of two American states?

Let’s recap:
-Seattle and Portland are perennially under siege by armed and organized violent extremists for years, with violence elevated and sustained in the past 8 months, and Harris helps raise bail money, Biden only the most tepid and belated appeal for non-violence and that talking point came up AFTER Don Lemon mentions on-air that riots are hurting Democrat polling numbers. Until then, Biden just blamed Trump for failing to deal with it. (He wasn’t the only one): Portland Mayor Blames TRUMP For Violence Just Days After Rejecting Federal Assistance

-Angry mobs threatened the White House in June, injuring some fifty or so Law Enforcement security professionals there, where Secret Service are concerned the building might be breached, where they instruct POTUS to take shelter in the bunker, and Biden publicly mocks Trump as a ‘coward’ for it, claiming (along with his media echo chamber) that the protesters were ‘peaceful’ and that tear gas and pepper balls were a totalitarian response to first amendment protesters.

-Chuck Schumer stood on the steps of the Supreme Court building, in front of a gathered crowd threatening 2 Supreme Court Justices by NAME promising that ‘they would reap the whirlwind’ and ‘would not know what hit them’.

Elected Democrats only began to care about ‘political violence’ when the perceived threat came to their own back door. So long as it targeted Republicans, (see that Maxine Waters’ speech) or some faraway city, they didn’t care.

Meanwhile, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley seems more interested in the plight of the nonviolent citizens and business owners of Portland and Seattle than his left-coast counterparts or even that guy who pledged to be President of ‘all Americans’.

One would hope that the Great and Powerful Oz will eventually take an interest in the forms of domestic violence that are NOT politically useful for scapegoating his predecessor.

But who are we kidding? That’s asking a lot.

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