WATCH: Bongino Puts On A Clinic Smashing Ro Khanna’s ‘Progressive’ Minimum Wage Talking Points

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2021

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Bongino takes these minimum wage Democratic talking points apart with surgical precision.

Ro Khanna managed to cram his CNN talking points full of abject dumbassery.

Strip away the fluff and the jargon, and you have three flawed ideas the whole concept is built on.

With a little help from an old clip of Milton Friedman Dan identifies the three lies Khanna’s position is built on, and why those ideas are destined to take you in the wrong direction.

No wonder his podcast is becoming one of the most successful out there.

It’s one thing to have a good zinger or shutdown argument. They can be satisfying in their own way. But those don’t actually change the hearts and minds of anyone in the argument. If anything, both sides just get more entrenched.

In a culture that hasn’t got a hot clue why socialist ‘solutions’ to everyday problems will make life worse rather than better, our only way to move forward is by persuasion.

Ronald Reagan was a master at it, which is partly why he got the coalition he did.

If we’re going to secure the future we want our kids to have, we’re going to have to learn how to get past the talking points.

Notice how this acknowledges the good that liberals THINK will be accomplished, and then explain how this approach will achieve the opposite result.

That is an effective persuasion technique. We would be wise to learn from this model and adapt it to our ordinary interactions with partisans on the other side.

Inflaming a fight and getting that last word might be more satisfying, but if you can win him over? That’s one more voice on our side, and one less on theirs.

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