HEY DEMS: Dare You Speak Up For The Rights Of THIS Trans Person Allegedly Harassed By By Cops?

Written by Wes Walker on February 24, 2021

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Every so often, a story comes along that challenges your biases and tests your commitment to core principles. This is one such story.

For the political right, there is a certain benefit of the doubt given to law enforcement. They’ve got a helluva job and plenty of cynical critics. Except in a clear case of wrongdoing by an individual, we are slow to point a finger of blame at them until all the facts are brought to bear. This has served us well in many cases where initial outrage leads to slogan-chanting, protests, and rioting — only to learn after the fact that some of the initial assumptions of wrongdoing were incorrect.

As for all things LGBTQ, we are endlessly reminded by the left about how evil and bigoted we are on such topics, and how uncaring we are about the human rights and feelings of such people.

For the political left, the burden of proof on police and protesters is reversed. In the case of any conflict between the police and activists of any stripe, it is assumed that the police are invariably in the wrong, for a whole litany of reasons.

Likewise, when anyone belinging to an ‘oppressed minority’ special interest group has a grievance, the left treats those complaints as gospel truth, even in the face of known facts.

Today’s story flips the usual script.

We’re talking about an arrest made concerning the January 6th riot, where the police are accused of mistreating a transgendered protester who was arrested as part of the group in DC.

Attorneys for a transgender woman charged in connection with the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol say that their client voted for Barack Obama, and has been mistreated in jail, according to a weekend court filing.

“Ms. Watkins was left naked in a cell with lights on 24 hours a day for 4 days in full view of everyone else,” lawyers for Jessica Watkins wrote in the Saturday filing.

…Watkins was charged last month along with two others, Thomas Caldwell and Donovan Crowl, in an alleged conspiracy involving disorderly conduct and other violations connected to the Jan. 6 breach. In court filings, the Justice Department alleged that Watkins belongs to the Oath Keepers group, many of whose members have also been charged for their alleged part in the Capitol melee.

In documents viewed by Just the News, public defenders for Watkins on Feb. 20 told a U.S. District Court judge that Watkins is a law-abiding military veteran who helped rescue and medically treat other rallygoers. The lawyers claimed that Watkins was an Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan, and has been treated cruelly while in custody.

…That included both medical neglect and humiliating, punitive conduct, they said.

“She had a documented injury to her arm, but it went untreated,” attorneys wrote. “She went on a hunger strike to get medical attention, but instead of medical attention, she was stripped naked and put on suicide watch. As this Court is likely aware, suicide watch in the prison system is not designed to treat one’s mental health issues, but is incredibly punitive.” – JustTheNews

While it’s easy for Pelosi (and even Biden’s AG nominee) to forget, even people arrested in conjunction with the events of Janary 6th have the presumption of innocence unless and untill proven otherwise.

Had Watkins been arrested in connection with literally ANY other protest, and could be used to push an oppression narrative, this case would be splashed across every news outlet in the country.

The fact that this story ISN’T getting attention is as relevant to the story as the events themselves. In a time when we are told about ‘misinformation’ and ‘bias’, why aren’t the big outlets screaming bloody murder about this story?

Simple — it might ‘humanize’ the participants of the events on January 6th, and give pause to the rush to judgment. It might even result in a nuanced understanding of the events, which is something that the partisan press, and their Democrat allies definitely do NOT want us to have.

If there was neglect and a failure to provide medical attention, these are allegatins that will require answers, and (if proven) appropriate corrective measures to the officers involved.

Will Democrats agree? Or will they quietly brush this story under the rug? (And if so, why?)

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