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CONSTITUTION BURNING: Rabbis Blast ‘Equality Act’ For Attacking Religious Values, Bible

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For all those journalists who praised Joe Biden as the most wonderfully religious Catholic President, with that great big wonderful Bible on inauguration day… get ready to change that narrative.

Because that Bible you all gushed over when Joe was busy getting sworn in on it is in the process of being targeted for cancellation. By the Democrats.

If you’re going to keep up with the ever-shifting goalposts of Progressive morality, you’ve got to be light on your feet.

After four years of the 45th President actively pressing for Religious Freedom and home and abroad, his successor has reverted to the kind of thinking that sought to expel a Christian family the courts and ALREADY GRANTED religious asylum to, and suing the Little Sisters Of The Poor over birth control.

Now, Democrats are going to war with the Bible itself. No surprise from the ‘dogma lives loudly within you’ secularists in the crowd, but the devout Catholics who thought they were getting a progressive friend to their religious positions may feel like they just took a punch to the solar plexus. . . or a kick slightly lower than that.

A group of rabbis, Coalition for Jewish Values, are among the voices denouncing the proposed legislation having written a letter objecting to the proposed legislation which is slated to be voted on today (Thursday).

The legislation is framed as something that protects individuals from discrimination (in the broadest possible sense) while stripping away the right to make certain moral judgments about gender or marriage consistent with religious belief. According to this proposed legislation, it would be considered discriminatory to describe marriage as a heterosexual union, or to describe same-sex marriage as objectionable.

In short, this legislation is pitting rights of ‘identity’ against the rights of religious belief. We’ll let the rabbis explain their objection to something that is intended to bring ‘equity’ (NOT to be confused with ‘equality’).

In the letter, the rabbis say:

“The Equality Act expressly declares that the Book of Genesis [see 2:24] and all of the Jewish laws pertaining to marriage as a sanctified union between man and woman (called “kiddushin” in Hebrew, from the word “kadosh,” Holy) are nothing more than engagement in discriminatory stereotypes. This is a disgraceful attack upon Jewish Biblical beliefs, rendered no more excusable by the fact that other traditional religious groups have similar tenets.”

The letter also lists other aspects of observant Jewish practices which would be grounds for a discrimination complaint under the proposed legislation, including separate seating at weddings, single-gender dancing, and even separate hours for swimming.

“A law which would require recognition of the gender a person prefers to be… would demand we cease to operate in accordance with our sincerely held beliefs, moral values and religious education — expressly violating our religious liberty,” the rabbis said.

“It is outrageous that Congress would declare us bigoted for simply maintaining our time-honored traditions,” said Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, chairman of the CJV Rabbinic Circle.

“And it is no mere insult; the law even explicitly rejects religious freedom as a defense, meaning it provides Anti-Semites with a new way to persecute the religious Jewish community,” Gordimer said. —WorldIsraelNews

The very religious freedom that brought people across the Atlantic is now under threat in a country whose very Constitution guarantees it.

Explain to me again how it’s the Republicans who are the great threat to the American Experiment and to the ‘Republic, if you can keep it’?

Unless of course you mean that Republicans are so busy caught up in infighting about January 6th that they are asleep at the switch as Democrats push this down our throats.

Remember when Biden said that he had ‘defeated’ the Socialists, and would run as a ‘moderate’? Did some people actually BUY that steaming crock of …?

If ever we needed to come together and step up as people called for ‘such a time as this’, the time is now.

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