TECH TYRANNY: Louder With Crowder Team Slapping FB With 7-Figure Lawsuit

Written by Wes Walker on February 2, 2021

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Bullies throw their weight around because other kids are too scared to fight back. When someone stands up and bloodies their nose, their status and power to scare are diminished. This is no different.

A few personalities in conservative circles adapted quickly, and were early adopters, using social media, video, and humor to carve out a niche before that niche even had a name. Steven Crowder was one of those early adopters.

Big Tech has been undercutting his influence for a long time, and lawyers have been involved back and forth for years.

With Silicon Valley recently declaring all-out war against all things Conservative, Crowder is taking the fight back to them, and suing for 7-figures of damages.

In this video, you will hear their lawyer use the phrases ‘unfair competition’, ‘fraud’, ‘false advertising’, and ‘anti-trust’.

From their release:

The points

  • The suit will be filed and publicly available this week. It will be filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.
  • The causes of action under state law include unfair competition and false advertising.
  • The key remedy is injunctive relief (stop unfair/deceptive acts). We’re also seeking seven-figure monetary damages. The goal here is forcing honesty and clarity in policy application and enforcement.
  • Our broader point is that we are pro-business but anti-fraud. Facebook lured consumers and creators to spend money and provide data and views under the promise of not engaging in political, racial or religious bias in enforcing their policies, but they have done so both expressly and secretively, and hence, the suit.

What we want

We want Facebook to stop these practices or to be honest about what it is they’re doing. Simply stated, is Facebook a publisher or a platform? They need to be open about what they are and act accordingly.

There is a double standard here. What are the actual standards by which Facebook says we, its users, govern ourselves? Facebook needs to disclose what they’re doing as a business, especially as they solicit money for advertising.

We need Facebook to stop throttling pages and content and to stop favoring certain outlets over others. In a word, stop acting like a publisher or just admit that they are one. We’re prepared to take the lawsuit as far as we need to, including to the United States Supreme Court.