FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP: Why Andrew Cuomo Lost NINE Key Officials Over COVID Conflicts

Written by Wes Walker on February 3, 2021

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It takes a special kind of hubris to brag about your pandemic leadership when your own state fatality rates soar above the global average. But his screw-ups were even worse than we first believed.

One of the reasons the press was able to prop up Biden and demonize Trump was the explicit politiciation of that nastly little Virus from Wuhan. Democrats were held up as the good guys who used lines like ‘I believe the science’ and ‘trust the experts’, while Trump and the Republicans were presented as reckless science-denying, Grandma-murdering serial killers who wanted everyone to drink bleach.

As you read this, imagine how the ‘mainstream’ press would have covered this same story just a few weeks ago if you were to have replaced ‘Cuomo’ with ‘Trump’.

What has New York’s caped crusader done for the virus? Has he believed the science and trusted the experts? Not exactly.

But it turns out the reassuring story that Cuomo trusted the experts and the experts trusted Cuomo was just another part of the misleading mythology around the New York governor.

And Cuomo isn’t really hiding it anymore. Friday, he said, “When I say ‘experts’ in air quotes, it sounds like I’m saying I don’t really trust the experts. Because I don’t. Because I don’t.” –NationalReview

It doesn’t matter, though. Cuomo served his purpose — he was the club the press used to bludgeon Trump.

The fact that these same presstitutes are NOT running around at Mach 3 with their hair on fire over Cuomo’s COVID failures they way they ‘cared’ about the ones they blamed on Trump tells you everything you need to know about their political biases.

Nine of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top health officials have left their posts or retired in the past several months as Cuomo takes heat for his coronavirus vaccine rollout plan that was designed with help from hospital executives, The New York Times reported on Monday.

That includes Elizabeth Dufort, medical director of the division of epidemiology, Jill Taylor, director of Wadsworth laboratory where scientists detect virus variants, the director of the state bureau of communicable disease control and the official in charge of health data, according to state records analyzed by The New York Times.

Instead of getting to help design coronavirus policies, state health officials often learned of new policies through Cuomo’s news conferences, according to The New York Times.

Meanwhile, Cuomo downplayed the importance of experts and crafted his own coronavirus vaccine rollout instead of using a plan top state health officials were working on that grew out of “years of preparations at the local level,” according to The New York Times.

“The governor’s approach in the beginning seemed to go against the grain in terms of what the philosophy was about how to do this,” Dr. Isaac Weisfuse, a former deputy commissioner at New York City’s Health Department, told The New York Times. “It did seem to negate 15 to 20 years of work.” —FoxNews

Cuomo NEGATED 15-20 years of health department work, without any meaningful consultation? We all saw how the press dogpiled on Trump when he even referenced a peer-reviewed LANCET study about the potential COVID applications of HCQ as a treatment… despite any number of medical authorities vouching for how comparatively safe it was.

We saw how they characterized his strained relationship with Little Lord Fauci. The Media(D) were somehow heedless of Fauci’s endless policy waffling, and claimed that disagreement with the guy who may have personally funded the testing that

Have these New York media types been calling Cuomo a ‘science denier’?

Calling for his head on a pike?

Saying he has ‘blood on his hands’?

If anything, the Presstitutes have been very hard at work shielding him from the worst of the PR damage of even his explicit decisions that endangered the lives of seniors — letting him get away with blaming ‘federal guidance’, when the much wiser policy decisions of his Floridian counterpart did not lead to infected patients being warehoused alongside of immunosuppressed adults.

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