Crenshaw Blasts Energy Plan: Neither Compassionate NOR Environmentally Sound (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 3, 2021

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To hear the official narrative, with the stroke of a pen, Biden is busy saving the world from all the danger imposed on it by Orange Man Bad. In reality, Biden’s making both America AND the world WORSE, and we can prove it.

Paris Accord. XL pipeline. No fracking. To hear the hard-left environmental activists tell the story, Biden is solidly in the ‘not all heroes wear capes’ column.

There’s just one small problem with that… this will not accomplish what they claim it will accomplish.

Biden has presented himself as the guy who champions science and the environment, and he’s presented himself as the guy who champions a benevolent and compassionate government. (As opposed to the ‘unspeakable evil’ of the guy whose administration he has followed.

On closer inspection, Biden’s actual policy is not very compassionate. It hurts the people who can least afford to pay the price. But that’s not all. His policy also pushes America and the world into using dirty energy options.

Dan Crenshaw makes the case on his social media account:

He’s not just wringing his hands and wondering what went wrong, either. He’s pushing legislation to benefit American citizens.

Here he is on Hannity talking about the bill he is putting forward to help his constituents while expanding on those same points. (You can skip to timestamps of about 1 min, and about 3:55 if you want to zero in on Crenshaw’s contributions to the discussion.)

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