LMAO: The Sign Rep Greene Posted Outside Her Office Is Triggering Libs BIG-TIME (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 25, 2021

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Clearly, we are looking at a woman with no ‘effs’ left to give. We have a feeling this woman is going to make a splash in DC no matter HOW much others try to silence her.

AOC isn’t the only ‘fresh face’ in DC who knows how to get a message out.

Using her own version of what we dubbed Trump’s ‘lightning rod’ effect of wrapping a subject he wanted to bring attention to around a controversial statement, Greene has found a way to trend on social media, and get her own message out.

She did it by offending the left and letting her haters do the heavy lifting. How did she offend them? By posting a sign outside her office in response to something the literal ‘member opposite’ (across the hall) put outside her office.

In reply to the flag associated with transexual issues being displayed across the hall by Rep Marie K Newman of Illinois, Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a message of her own.

In case this tweet gets taken down, here’s a still shot of the sign she’s putting up:

Same energy:

Since the most of left’s objections to her sign have tried to play the climate card, we’ve got a question for them about that, as well.

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Unlike some of the geldings we’ve managed to send to DC, she’s not one to shy away from a fight. In fact, she’s willing to pick one.

Whatever you might think of the past ideas she’s had that even she has since repudiated, she’s certainly going to be a fun one to watch over these next couple of years.

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