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HEY CLIMATE ALARMISTS: Where Is Your Outcry Over This Study About Solar And The Sahara?

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This one net negative more than negates the most optimistic global benefits our green new deal is supposed to provide. Where is Greta Thunberg on this issue?

Here is a chance to test our counterparts on the left whether their objectives are motivated over genuine concern that there is a coming climate collapse, or by a carefully-conditioned hostility to the American energy sector and the massive wealth and independence it generates.

We are devoutly assured that switching to wind and solar is the way to save the planet. This is the underlying ideology (almost religious, some would argue) that drove Biden to kill fracking, the XL Pipeline, and a great many other energy-related jobs.

When Texas had that winter storm, AOC and her fellow travelers took that opportunity to dunk on fossil fuels and promote her (allegedly) morally-superior alternative. (This writer has been suggesting ramping up next-generation nuclear if emissions are such a sticking point for people, but the activists are married to the idea of wind and solar.

Related stories in which the premise of superior morality was contested:

That last story cited a government study concluding that any rise in temperature we might be experiencing shows no serious sign of heading to dangerous levels.

Another study found a potential source of man-made climate change that will hit the left particularly close to home.

If you were building a solar farm, what better place to put it than a desert? Plenty of sunlight and the land isn’t being used for anything else, anyway. You’d think it was win-win, right?

One study came back with some serious red flags.

When light hits those black solar panels, some of that energy is converted into electricity. The rest is radiated as heat. If you blanket the world’s largest desert with solar panels, you are creating a new global heat source.

Ironic, right? Hold on tight. It gets better.

For the next part to make sense, let’s give some proper context. If AOC’s Green New Deal had its maximum implementation, what impact would that rollout make? Heritage crunched those numbers:

Using the same climate sensitivity (the warming effect of a doubling of carbon dioxide emissions) as the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assumes in its modeling, the world would be only 0.137 degree Celsius cooler by 2100. Even if we assumed every other industrialized country would be equally on board, this would merely avert warming by 0.278 degree Celsius by the turn of the century. –Heritage

Net gain of the Green New deal is — at best — 0.278 degrees if the entire world complies.

Keep that number in your head as you read on.

The following excerpt was from a story explaining the unintended thermal consequences of blanketing the Sahara with solar farms, both locally and globally.

Covering 20% of the Sahara with solar farms raises local temperatures in the desert by 1.5°C according to our model. At 50% coverage, the temperature increase is 2.5°C. This warming is eventually spread around the globe by the atmosphere and ocean movement, raising the world’s average temperature by 0.16°C for 20% coverage, and 0.39°C for 50% coverage. The global temperature shift is not uniform though – the polar regions would warm more than the tropics, increasing sea ice loss in the Arctic. This could further accelerate warming, as melting sea ice exposes dark water which absorbs much more solar energy.

This massive new heat source in the Sahara reorganizes global air and ocean circulation, affecting precipitation patterns around the world. The narrow band of heavy rainfall in the tropics, which accounts for more than 30% of global precipitation and supports the rainforests of the Amazon and Congo Basin, shifts northward in our simulations. For the Amazon region, this causes droughts as less moisture arrives from the ocean. Roughly the same amount of additional rainfall that falls over the Sahara due to the surface-darkening effects of solar panels is lost from the Amazon. The model also predicts more frequent tropical cyclones hitting North American and East Asian coasts.-Inverse

Did you happen to catch that?

Solar farms could kick off a cycle of warming that would eventually melt the ice in the arctic and contribute to further warming.

Will AOC denounce solar farms and embracing zero-emission nuclear energy?

Will she care about the science and computer models?

Or were their concerns about warming and polar ice caps always just a convenient cover for the larger goal of neo-marxist centralization of government wealth and power?

AOC? Greta?

Surely we can come up with better female role models than them, can’t we? Here are a few from history:

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