HERO STUFF: Houston Business Owner ‘Mattress Mack’ To The Rescue . . . Again!

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2021

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Time and again his city gets hit with a crisis. And time and again, one man does what needs doing.

When the AOCs and Bernie Sanders of the world rage against business owners and insist that they have ‘too much money’ and that money needs to be ‘redistributed’, there is an enormous part of the picture they are failing to see.

Businesses that have deep ties to their communities, producing a popular product and making good money for it have a habit of building deep ties with the community that got them there.

Chick-Fil-A famously steps up — even opening on Sundays — when help is needed for a local emergency. Mike Lindell, of My Pillow fame, not only created thousands of jobs in his home state of Minnesota, he converted part of his factor to construct PPE when hospitals faced critical shortages during the height of the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis.

And for at least the second time, Mattress Mack of Houston has stepped up in a crisis.

He came in clutch during Hurricane Harvey, and now, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is doing it again. This time, he’s opening Gallery Furniture’s doors to get people out of their cold homes.

Power outages that have lasted longer than 24 hours have forced people to urgently seek warmth as the region grapples with this historic winter storm.

Many have nowhere to go. As a result, Mattress Mack has opened two Gallery Furniture locations as warming centers complete with food, coffee, hot chocolate, blankets and sweatshirts.

…Still, he said the first question he asked during this winter storm is, “What can we do to help?”

“Rather than complain about what should have been done, let’s just do things that are good for the community. Get people out here. Whether they want to stay for two hours until their power gets back on, or they want to stay for two days, we’re here for the community,” he said. — ABC13

Notice he took initiative himself. He didn’t petition for a government program, he didn’t scramble to try to organize a church group for an official response. He took from what he had within his own power to do, and he found a creative way to make a difference.

That charitable and proactive response to people in need will obviously look different as it varies from person to person and situation to situation, but this is exactly the kind of direct-action approach Doug Giles and Rich Witmer have been highlighting in their Warriors and Wildmen podcast… the kind of love-in-action that made the gospel so appealing in the first place.

Good work, ‘Mattress Mack’.

THIS is the power of community. This is the kind of personal committement that no online-ordering company could never hold a candle to . . . precisely because it is not part of the community.

Let’s hope this administration figures that out before they go ahead and burn down the economy while chasing after white elephants.

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