HEY BIDEN: Is This Video Of Indoctrinated Uyghur Children Your Own ‘Kids In Cages’ Moment?

Written by Wes Walker on February 19, 2021

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Hey Joe, are you REALLY a tough guy, or do you just play one on TV? It’s early in the presidency yet, and there is a fork in the road about which kind of a world leader that Biden may want to be.

Seeing him already sucking up to Iran, and surrounding himself with Sinophiles has not been an encouraging sign that he was willing to make any tough decisions — further complicated by his own family’s well-documented financial entanglements with the Chinese Communist Party itself. Trump would have already been impeached by this point in his Presidency had he done the same with Russia. But Biden going soft on China — including Joe backing down from the word GENOCIDE, which even his own Secretary of State agreed with at first — is getting a pass.

What was particularly concerning about it was his moral equivocation about things being done differently in China than they are elsewhere. That seems to be missing the point of ‘crimes against humanity’ entirely. You could have made the same excuse in Rwanda — or Nazi Germany for that matter — but we didn’t.

The second half of Trump’s presidency was dogged by one political idea that stuck. It doesn’t matter that it was pushed by Obama loyalists from his administration, or that the photo was taken years before Trump took office. It was the photo of ‘children in cages’. Just like some other incendiary political slogans of dubious origin, the truth didn’t matter so much as the narrative. (See also: hands up don’t shoot.)

Sometimes it takes being slapped with the harsh truth of an idea before action is required. Here is the horror that Joe Biden is so casually sweeping under the rug:

Joe had a lot of tough talk for Trump’s supposed failures at not standing up strongly enough to degenerate foreign leaders. This from a guy who’s getting ready to re-enter talks with Iran, and who can’t bring himself to say no to Xi.

Hey Biden — is it the money? Does Xi have ‘Kompromat’ on you?

Or are these Muslim Children in cages, separated from their families mean that little to you that they can be pawns in your game? Surely the ever-vigilant Adam Schiff is busy digging into these questions as we speak. Surely.

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