If A Conservative Group Said What Leftist DC Marchers Just Did, We’d See Mass Arrests

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2021

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From Day One, Biden has explicitly denounced groups on the right, while giving violent groups on the left a pass. With these threats uttered on DC streets, will he finally take them seriously?

If Joe would say anything about leftist rioters at all, he would give a generalized blanket denunciation of violence — while his Veep helped to arrange their bail.

The catchphrase of the last month or so has been ‘insurrection’. Violent rioters have been threatening the very heart of our Democratic institutions, laying siege to all we hold dear.

The entire premise of the impeachment charade that will unfold there this week rests on the central claim that no less a person than Trump himself incited the violence.

This allegation, of course, ignores some central facts. For one, those being charged with the violence had been planning it, and raising money for weeks beforehand. For another, there were multiple occasions in which Trump offered the support of Federal forces to support local law enforcement and to quell various violent demonstrations we’ve seen through the past year or so. This includes the offer of additional support on January sixth, which had been requested by some security officials, but shot down either by someone reporting to the DC Mayor or to Pelosi & Co.

But the buzzwords that came from it are ‘inciting insurrection’. It’s led to some amusing missteps, like Schumer’s ‘inciting the erection’ moment. But the problem itself is considered so serious that banks have been tracking transaction details of their clients, and sharing them with law enforcement — apparently without a government warrant.

This threat of Insurrection is so VERY serious that we’ve had more armed soldiers guarding the Capitol than Dubya himself had committed to the ‘surge’ in Iraq. (Read that sentence a second time, slowly.)

So we have seen a concerted effort from Big Tech, from the media, and from the Democrats that both of those have been carefully protecting to present the typical MAGA voter (especially caucasian ones) as an existential threat to the Great American Experiment.

Let us see whether they face this other threat with the same alacrity, or whether their outrage is as selective and partisan as Joe and Kamala’s denunciation of rioters.

Remember, the buzzword in question is ‘incitement’. And Democrats were willing to hail as heroes law enforcement injured or killed defending their haggard backsides in DC, while openly defaming their counterparts defending OTHER sites from OTHER violent protesters.

Will Pelosi, Schumer, or Biden come out and denounce what happened at this F**k the Police march that ‘BGOnTheScene’ was shooting video of in DC?

For one thing, ‘burn it down’ seems a tad ‘aggressive’ for a supposedly peaceable assembly, does it not? Does that not step a little beyond the bounds of protected speech? Isn’t yelling ‘burn it down’ to an assembled crowd exactly the kind of provocation for which the Senate is coming together this week in an absurd effort to impeach a private citizen?

It’s ok though. These were BLM and Antifa marchers, not right-wingers. They’re here to chant All Cops are bastards, and to harass strangers trying to eat dinner outside of a restaraunt.

These people have never once had any history of being associated with significant threat to persons or property, right?

At one point, things escalated after a black bloc protester shined a light into the face of a police officer, who then slapped away the flashlight. The black bloc member retaliated and smacked the police officer. The officer then pushed the crowd back by using his bicycle. The black bloc protester then slaps another cop. The officer thrusts his bike even more aggressively into the crowd dressed in all black. During the tense situation, a female in the crowd tells the officer to put his face mask on. —TheBlaze

Slapping a cop? Isn’t that a bad thing, Joe? Or do you have to ask whether the one slapping the cop is a ‘Proud Boy’ before you can answer that question?

Our definitions of ‘tough guy’ need recalibrating. This book is a good starting point to challenge some of our worse assumptions.

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