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LMAO: New App Allows Twitter Users To Block 800 New York Times Journos In Order To ‘Fight Disinformation’

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Innovation is a beautiful thing! Right-wing Twitter is gonna looooove this!

Apparently, some people have had enough of the New York Times and their near-constant disinformation that is labeled as “real” news.

NYTimes has won a Pulitzer Prize for their “Russian Collusion” reportage — despite the “Trump is Putin’s Puppet” narrative being nothing more than a smear campaign concocted by Hillary’s 2016 team to draw attention away from her damning email scandal.

There was the bizarre way that the Times published a Taliban propaganda article by an FBI-wanted terrorist without a scintilla of remorse, but there was weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and the “resignation” of an editor after an op-ed by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) was published.

And of course, that whole Pulitzer Prize-winning-yet-historically-inaccurate 1619 Project; the overt and deliberate bias in covering the Trump administration; burying relevant information on POTUS 45’s taxes where only the most dedicated of readers could find it; blaming “nice white parents” for the problems in public education; flip-flopping on absentee voting between 2012 and 2020; and blaming churches with reduced capacity rather than massive, loud, “mostly peaceful” protests for the spike in COVID over the summer.

It’s pretty clear that the New York Times is very, very, very “woke.” They only care about the readers that share their worldview… that Orange Man Bad.

So, what do you do when we are now supposed to be in a battle against “disinformation”? Well, clearly it’s time to block the New York Times.

A new Twitter account, @blocknyt, appeared on the scene and is getting a whole lot of attention. The entire premise is in their name — block 800 New York Times journos with a couple of clicks.

The link takes you to a webpage that mimics the homepage of the New York Times but mocks the Gray Lady with corrections to the erroneous NYT stories, and even includes a link to the Wikipedia list of scandals involving the Times.

It’s spectacular trolling.

H/T to OANN’s Jack Posobiec for the tweet that drew attention to this fantastic app:

Right-wing news organizations have been constantly called “disinformation” for years — often because they report the facts that liberal news organizations don’t want to be brought to light… like the New York Post’s scoop on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Maybe it’s time to fact-check the New York Times and call them out for their overt disinformation.

K. Walker

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