SNL Under Fire For Anti-Semitic Trope Regarding Israel’s COVID Vaccine Rollout (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on February 22, 2021

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Just when you think that Saturday Night Live has hit rock bottom, the writers start digging.

The late-night weekend comedy show has been in decline for a while now, but this one is pretty bad — even for them.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, one of the current anchors, Michale Che, discussed the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Israel which has been wildly successful. So successful in fact, that they already have half of their approximately 9 million residents vaccinated.

But Che decided it was a good idea to take a jab at Isreal for their effective vaccination rollout. He said that he was going to guess that it was the “Jewish half” that was vaccinated.

He got called out on it as the video was shared widely on Twitter.

The success of Israel’s vaccine rollout means that they’re easing restrictions and opening up again.

Israel is easing lockdown restrictions as studies there reveal the Pfizer vaccine is 95.8% effective in preventing hospitalisations and death.

From Sunday, shops, libraries and museums can open but social distancing and masks are still required.

The health ministry says it is the first stage of returning to normal life.

Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world. More than 49% of people have received at least one dose

…Under the easing measures, people are now able to enter shopping malls and tourist attractions such as zoos.

A number of other facilities are now able to reopen including gyms, hotels and synagogues. However they require a “green passport”, a certificate that can only be obtained once you have been vaccinated. A small number of people who have recovered from the virus and are not currently eligible for the vaccine are also able to obtain the certificate…

…Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he expects 95% of Israelis over 50 to be vaccinated over the next two weeks.

Source: BBC

Jewish leaders condemned the SNL “joke” noting that anti-Semitic incidents are on the rise.

The statement drew attention on social media causing an uproar with viewers and sparked a petition from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) for NBC “to retract its outrageous claim and apologize immediately.”

The organization called the joke “categorically false” and a “dangerous, modern twist on a classic antisemitic trope that has inspired the mass murder of countless Jews throughout the centuries.”

The petition continued: “Words have consequences, and Jews are at risk when a major American TV company joins with those who claim Israel is favoring only a portion of its citizens in its admirable efforts, praised by Dr. Anthony Fauci and others, to vaccinate all of its residents.”

NBC told Fox News on Monday they have “no comment at this time. A rep for Che did not return Fox News’ requests for comment.

Source: Fox News

The statement by the Conference of Presidents, a coalition that speaks on behalf of several Jewish organizations, reads as follows:

We find the use of age-old antisemitic tropes on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live to be deeply troubling. It is particularly painful to occur at this time when antisemitic incidents, some resulting in death or injury, are at record highs.

The state of Israel’s successful COVID-19 vaccination campaign is a model for the entire world. More than a fifth of Israel’s population is non-Jewish, and all Israelis — Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike — along with Palestinians living in Jerusalem, are participants in the vaccine rollout. The vaccine is equally available to the entire population of Israel, regardless of gender, race, or religion.

Saturday Night Live‘s ill-conceived ‘joke’ adds to the lies and conspiratorial allegations surrounding the Jewish people and COVID-19 that recalls medieval accusations of Jews being responsible for disease and plagues. NBC should know better, and must not only stop harmful misinformation, but take action to undo this damage caused by propagating Jew-hatred under the guise of comedy.

Check out what Arsen Ostrovsky, an international human rights lawyer who focuses on the Middle East, had to say:

This kind of anti-semitic “joking” is absolutely atrocious and dangerous, but did you expect anything less from Saturday Night Live in 2021?

For four years, there was the parade of Trump Derangement Syndrome and the glowing tributes to Democrat politicians, especially Hillary Clinton. 

It seems that SNL writers and comedians can’t seem to find any humor at all in the way that Joe Biden can’t seem to get his facts straight, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s showboating with his daily COVID updates and a book on leadership after completely bungling the pandemic response in nursing homes, nor are they amused by Jen Psaki’s constant “circling back” when she is clearly unprepared to answer any moderately probing questions.

We’ve covered just a wee bit of how awful SNL is over the past few years:

And that’s just a drop in the bucket.

The Weekend Update segment of the show makes jokes about headlines and had such memorable personalities from the 70s: Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, and Chevy Chase, to the 80s and beyond: Dennis Miller, Jimmy Fallon, Norm McDonald, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

My, how things have changed.

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