WATCH: Tucker Carlson Questions Some Inconsistencies In Those Official ‘DC Riot’ Narratives

Written by Wes Walker on February 18, 2021

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What do we think we know about those fateful events on January 6th, and what do we ACTUALLY know?

The Democrat-affiliated media has been breathlessly reporting about this MAGA-inspired violent insurrection set to topple the government based on the explicit marching orders on the sitting president.

Or something.

Oh, and the carnage of those events.

That bodycount those rioters racked up… it’s appalling.

And what about the way that police officer was bludgeoned to death?

There are a lot of things they reported with absolute certainty that seem — well — a lot less certain than they did in the beginning.

Here is Tucker laying out the differences between the media reporting (which bled over into the testimony we heard from House Impeachment Managers) and the actual known and objective facts.

Why do you suppose the public trust of the media has been circling the toilet in recent years?

Could it have anything to do with ‘DC Riot’ being the media’s description for the so-called insurrection on January 6th, while everything that happened there during the summer of 2020 was dismissed as ‘peaceful protesting’?

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