Twitter Troll Changes Viral Maxine Waters Quote To Refer To Cuomo Admin And Lib Blue-Checks Are OUTRAGED

Written by K. Walker on February 1, 2021

Twitter troll puts out bait… hauls in a whole bunch of great, big verified fish.

Over the weekend, an anonymous Cuomo Twitter troll with the username “Cuomo Watch” posted a rewording of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)’s famous public statement encouraging Democrats to harass Trump administration officials as they live their daily lives.

Here’s the Maxine Waters clip courtesy of the Washington Post:

Here are the screenshots of the post for posterity:

Cuomo Watch caught some big Democrat fish including some prominent New York state politicians.

I’m a little confused what the problem is here… Didn’t Speaker Nancy Pelosi say that “people would do what they will do” when rioters were toppling statues and harassing Republicans?

Huh. Weird.

I mean, when Congresswoman Maxine Waters said these outrageous comments, right-wingers all with one voice denounced them as dangerous and threatening. I know that the New York Times and CNN crowd don’t know that, though.

The (fantastic) Twitter account, Aldous Huxley’s Ghost was educating the blue-check masses that this was a reworded quote by Congresswoman Waters. It’s rather telling that they weren’t outraged when she said it, but now that it’s targeting one of their own, they are incensed.

Journalist Alex Griswold noted that Cuomo Watch managed to get quite a haul.

The lack of the ability of some Democrats to be able to critique their own side when they do atrocious things is just astounding.

For some Democrats, if they didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

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