America Hasn’t Had A State Of The Union Address Because America Doesn’t Have A President

Written by Drew Allen on March 3, 2021

On January 14th, Joe Biden told the American people that, “Next month, in my first appearance before a joint session of Congress, I will lay out my ‘Build Back Better’ recovery plan.” It’s now the first week of March and Joe has already failed to deliver. Predictably, Democrats are busy doing what they do best — lying, backpedaling, and twisting themselves into pretzels to make excuses for Joe’s broken promise.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says, “we won’t be doing any of that until we pass our COVID Bill.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki denies it was ever planned at all, telling reporters, it “was never planned to be in February.” Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman suggests the address will take place, citing the continued presence of fencing and national Guard Troops in our Capitol as necessary to prevent a future effort by a militia to “blow up the Capitol” when Joe does decide to give his address.

Which is it? While Pelosi, Psaki, and Pittman have all offered their own suggestions or insight into Joe’s broken promise to address a joint session of Congress, where is Joe? Isn’t he the Commander in Chief? None of the aforementioned excuses or lies offer Americans, who are eager to hear from their President, any factual answer.

This lack of any coherent explanation leaves Americans left to speculate as to the when and why themselves. Is it because he lacks the mental and physical capacity to deliver a thirty-plus minute speech? Is this conclusive evidence of Joe’s rapidly declining cognitive functions? Is this another effort by the Democrats to hide Joe’s mental and physical decline? Those of us with either vision, or hearing, or both know the answer to this question.

It is undeniable that Joe is not mentally or physically fit for the Office of the Presidency. If it wasn’t obvious enough on the campaign trail, it is certainly evident now.

In what are becoming increasingly rare public appearances, Joe fumbled and mumbled his way through a prepared speech at a Houston, Texas Vaccine site on February 26th. Only 8 seconds into delivering his prepared remarks, Joe became confused and said, “What am I doing here? I’m going to lose track here.”

Three days earlier, during a virtually held Black History Month meeting on February 23rd, Joe stammers as he can’t recall from memory the total number of COVID deaths in the United States. “Over 500…I think…I have a card…I carry a card on me every day,” he mumbles before reaching into his jacket pocket and reading, “500,071 people have died from this.”

While the American people deserve an answer to their questions as to why Joe has reneged on his promise to address a joint session of Congress, there is another question of greater importance that must be answered — Who is running the country?

It is obvious that Joe Biden is both an empty suit and a vapid, vacant mind. Kamala Harris’ primary role seems to be to remind Joe to re-don his mask when he’s finished delivering his rare prepared speeches.

Our once Constitutional Government now bears a greater resemblance to the monarchy from which we escaped in the 18th century. Joe has signed a staggering 50 plus executive orders conceived by unknown and unnamed members of Joe’s royal court. In one instance Joe is caught on camera asking, “What am I signing?” as he signs the executive order anyway.

When Joe Biden will deliver a speech to a joint session of Congress is unimportant. If he can stumble his way through such a lengthy speech, we will merely learn that his plan to “Build Back Better” would be more accurately titled, “Destroying America once and for all.”

I will tell you why Joe hasn’t delivered a State of the Union Address or similar address to a joint session of Congress. The reason is worse than his inability to deliver a thirty plus minute speech. It is because America doesn’t have a President. Joe is a stand in, a nominal placeholder like the modern royal family in Britain.

If Joe were assertive, an actual leader, and in possession of all his mental faculties, he would lead. There is a vacuum in the oval office. If we had a President, Joe Biden would be the one to tell us when and why, rather than leaving the answer that only he can provide to Pelosi, Psaki, Pittman, and others.

Who is the question we must demand answered — Who is running this country. But that isn’t the only question. While we should demand an answer from Joe Biden as to why he has not delivered on his promise, there is another question that is the most important of all — Joe, is the basement in the White House more or less comfortable than any of the basements in your three homes?

Drew Allen is a Texas-bred, California-based conservative author and speaker, who writes a weekly blog promoting conservative ideals at Fluent in Italian, Drew has lived and worked in Italy in the fashion industry and in New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, screenwriter, and independent film producer.