Bad News, Pandemic Panic-mongers, Rand Paul Shared A Study That Will Ruin Your Day

Written by Wes Walker on March 22, 2021

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On the bright side, it’s good news for the rest of us who are in a hurry to put this whole damned mess behind us.

People have been complaining that ‘the science’ is being politicized, or that people are not believing it.

There’s a way to test how ‘politicized’ the science is.

Anyone who says that policy is ‘following the science’ is pushing science beyond its natural bounds. Science measures data. It takes PEOPLE to read that data and draw implications from it.

That’s the step where things get dicey. Do the policies that science ‘tells you’ we need to take magically align with a political agenda? Or are you open-minded that it can take you in directions opposite to your natural inclinations?

So far, all of the science™ we have been told to accept has been the kind that fosters fear, makes us nervous, and keeps us corraled. It is creating a power imbalance between the government and the people. They have greater control, and we have greater dependence.

When the evidence leads to pushing that power dynamic back in the direction of a healthier relationship between the We The People and the government . . . we get a chance to see who these people really are. Do they step back from their newly-amassed power? Or do they find ways to keep stringing us along?

In a spirited exchange between Rand Paul and little Lord Fauci, last week we got to see this exact dynamic in play. SHOW ME THE STUDY: Rand, Fauci Clash Over Forcing Vaccinated People To Wear Masks

Not surprisingly, those in power found reasons they should hold onto it for ‘just a little longer’.

Fauci claimed that we should be really, really frightened about the hypothetical possibility of this new variant tearing through us and putting us right back to square one. Right back to the beginning of lockdowns.

Easy for the highest-paid public servant in the country to say, he hasn’t missed a single paycheck. . . and he has leveraged this pandemic into an opportunity to climb the ladder into true celebrity status.

When the panic ends, so does his relevance.

Fauci tried to move the goalposts by suggesting that the vaccine might not provide protection against new mutations. ‘Wild Type’ was his go-to phrase in his clash with Rand Paul — and in his subsequent media appearances.

Someone who truly ‘believed the science’ would prioritize decisions that make effective use of the known data.

In this case, the known data tells us that the dangers that have been leveraged to keep people afraid and compliant have passed for anyone who has either had the virus and recovered or who have had the vaccine.

Even those who have had the most cautious of approaches to the dangers associated with the virus are able to breathe easy once they are vaccinated.

The masks, the distancing, all of those other steps that were required in the past year are precautions that even the most cautious of us won’t require anymore.