Civil Rights Lawyer Puts Jim Crow & White Supremacist Talking Points Through The Wood Chipper

Written by Wes Walker on March 31, 2021

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If anyone bothered to ask a follow-up question or two, they could blow this lie out of the water, but they’re all either too scared or agrees with the agenda.

Ok, not everyone. There are a few honest souls out there still ready to tell the world the truth about these scandalous lies they tell as part of the left’s scorched earth political power grab.

They frame anything that disagrees with the left’s agenda as ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’, and anyone who dares to pop his head up to question the talking points gets barbecued by Biden’s lackeys and flunkies in the press. Big tech plays their role in supressing dissenting voices, so long as they get their seat at the ‘progressive’ table in DC, dividing the spoils among their friends.

But a 30-year civil rights lawyer — one who voted against Trump in 2016, but started rethinking his political assumptions as he watched the left’s agenda unfold after that — is nailing his colors to the mast.

You may be familiar with Leo Terrell already, he’s sometimes been known to wear a Leo 2.0 MAGA-style cap when showing up as a guest on Hannity’s show, to represent his political … what’s that word Obama used? … ‘evolution’.

Here he is getting sick and tired of hearing that everything is ‘White Supremacy’ in political issues. White supremacists? Running the show in California? Riiiiight. Ok, then — where’s the lawsuit? If someone was a white supremacist, he would take them to federal court and sue them. As a civil rights attorney with 30 years’ experience, he knows a thing or two about the topic.

This is something else — it’s an ‘unfounded, baseless charge’ meant to ‘neutralize’ those critical of an unpopular government policy.

Not only does Leo call their bluff, he turns up the heat in the next topic when ‘Jim Crow’ is invoked around the new voter laws in Georgia.

It’s a word we’re hearing from Dems all over the place these days, even the dishonest political opportunist now sitting behind the (ir)Resolute Desk.

LEO: This is insulting. I want to be clear as a civil rights attorney for 30 years. This Georgia bill is not racist. I am sick of it, this reference to Jim Crow. People are throwing that term out there, they don’t even know what it means. This bill is not racist at all.

And to claim that demanding voter ID, some form of identification is voter suppression especially toward minorities it’s insulting.

I have a driver’s license. I have a passport. I do not need help to go vote. But this is again just the same type of tactic, part of the Democratic playbook to intimidate people and to negate the idea of having election integrity. That’s the whole catch on this whole argument.

Well played, Leo.