Cowardice is Accursed According to Christ

Written by Doug Giles on March 16, 2021

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Has anyone sold you the lie that courage is a personality trait that some folks have and others don’t?

It isn’t. And if you LACK courage? You will have to answer for it.

Tough message? Maybe. But not as tough as the consequences of being a coward. Well THAT wasn’t covered in Sunday school, was it?

If you’re in a church where the message sounds more like it was copped from the self-help section of your big-box-bookstore rather than the text of the Verbum Dei, this is going to be rougher than grandma’s breath.

Buckle up. This isn’t your typical Sunday School ‘everyone is awesome’ message. This one will knock the slack out of your line, and challenge serious believers to redouble their commitment to the things that matter.

As for everyone else? There’s a stark scriptural reminder of exactly how high the stakes are.

Think you’re ready for a challenging word that will leave you different than you were when it found you?

These fifteen minutes might not ‘save you 15%’ on anything, but they just might change your life.

Doug mentioned those 20+ trips to Africa of his… here’s some of the artwork that came from his many encounters with Nature in the Raw.

We think you’ll agree that it fit with the theme of today’s show.

If it’ll look good on the walls of your home or your office, you’re in luck. Follow the links for details on what kinds of prints and originals are available for your favorite piece.

And don’t forget to browse his gallery while you’re there — it’s got something for everyone.

-Epic nature.
-Great Historical figures.
-Inspiring Biblical scenes.
-And some badass images from pop culture.

Today’s art features…

Retreat Before No One

Raw Africa — Lion

Red Lion

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