Revoke Bank Of (un)America’s Business License

Written by Jim H. on March 16, 2021

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The fake president “opens” your border, the back door of Texas, to illegal aliens from around the world, no masks required, China plague be damned.

Thugs from ANTIFA and Black Lives Mafia are allowed, even encouraged to run wild and commit arson, robbery, burglary, assault, murder, total chaos, no mask required. That’s okay. That’s not a public health risk.

But if an elderly woman walks into a Galveston, Texas, Bank of (un)America to close her account without a farcically ineffective, rights-crushing paper mask, days AFTER the mask ‘mandate’ has been lifted by Governor Abbott—who put it there in the first place—this 65-year old Texian is arrested and treated like a thug.

Your tax dollars at work keeping you safe:

Remember the Alamo? I do. The video of Wild Bill Grandma getting tackled in Bank of (un)America reminds me of it. Double standards do not breed respect for the system. They breed citizen uprisings.

Masks are the latest Marxist-allegiance symbol. Wear it, you’re allowed to proceed. Don’t wear it, face the Marxist’s latest craze; the “right” of private business to trample your rights as a citizen.

But I misspoke. Wild Bill Grandma was not treated like a thug. Thugs get far better treatment than the Outlaw Grandma from Galveston. Thugs get corporate donations and parks named after them and murals painted on walls and the names of their self-proclaimed Marxist organizations painted down Congress Avenue leading up to your Texas State Capital using your taxes to do it.

It’s different for thugs. It’s better for thugs. Thugs matter.

You may have noticed this elderly Texian never raised a hand, or even her voice. She simply said “no” to a private business “rule”. That’s what started the stupid train.

This whole private business rule concept has yet to be challenged in a Texas court, before a Texian jury of peers. Though that will change should this elderly citizen engage counsel and go after the bank, so to speak, and the police and the City of Galveston. Imagine a plandemic-weary Texas jury watching that footage. Good luck B of A-holes. I know, that wasn’t very inclusive.

She was an ‘anti-masker’. That’s a new pejorative term being humped hard by the censorious media thugs. It’s meant to denote a serious outlaw, not just some run-of-the-mill brick-hurling, federal courthouse-burning ANTIFA domestic-terrorist scumbag.

You only use a term like ‘anti-masker’ on the Jesse James of Geritol.

Some will argue this was a private business, and a private business can make any rule they want. By the way, those rules are subject to change, like Terms & Conditions from big tech. So watch out. You don’t want to be in a cell with the Granny Gang.

Unless these “rules” violate real Texas law. Private corporations cannot, for example violate anti-discrimination laws. Did they? This elderly (there’s a category) woman (there’s another) was singled out for, allegedly, violating a private “rule”—whatever that could mean in a real court of law, rather than the court of public opinion.

Were her rights violated in any way? Should she seek damages?

Let’s think about that. If this woman was ANTIFA or Black Lives Mafia, would the Galveston Police have touched her? Trick question! You know the answer. Would the mayor have told the police, stand down? Are the hundreds of examples of this a legal precedent set repeatedly across America? What if Gunslinger Granny had said she was there to “occupy” the bank? Would that have gotten her off the hook? What might a Texas jury of (now bankrupt) small business owners have to say to Bank of (un)America with their publicly reported $2 trillion dollar net worth (Too big to fail!) and my-way-or-the-highway attitude? If history is any indicator, the answer is, she would have been left the hell alone, mask or not, had she claimed allegiance to or “identified with” one of the aforementioned spirit clubs.

Because as we all saw for the last year across America, violence and thug behavior worked and worked quite nicely and the mob got what they wanted every time; masks be damned, to hell with your commie cough and your rules. And the terrified corporations kissed their violent butts with cash donations.

But the powers in charge of the Marxist narrative would have you believe this woman is a criminal, a maniac who walked into Bank of (un)America, patiently stood in line six feet from anyone (the magical safe distance, when it’s convenient, as you’ll see in a moment) and that’s deadly. Grandma needed to be thrown to the ground and cuffed to protect us all from a flu with a 99.98% recovery rate that requires a 50%-accurate test to detect. That’s corporate science.

They stopped Wild Bill Granny, that’s what counts.

Ironically, once outside in handcuffs, a police officer approached grandma without a mask. When grandmother questioned the glaring double-standard, the officer smugly replied, “I’m six feet away.” For the record, as they say in court, the grandmother was also six feet away from everyone inside Bank of (un)American.

Bank of (un)America values their customers. With handcuffs. Or maybe it’s just the elderly they call the cops on? Or maskless elderly? Or maskless elderly women? Or maskless elderly white women? Would they have pulled this same move had this been a black granny? Whoa, holy crap, don’t go there! Not allowed! Potentially offensive! Terrain, pull up!

Let’s recap so you don’t wind up like Wild Bill Granny, in the slammer, spending tens of thousands of dollars, facing charges:

Border open—thanks Joebama—come on in, no mask required, China plague be damned. Science.

It’s okay to break US immigration law. Science.

It’s okay to break Texas immigration law. Science.

Domestic terrorist organizations (the FBI definition: here ) like ANTIFA and Black Lives Mob, no mask, light it up, literally. “Burn it down!” Science.

A grandma stands in line, six feet apart, without a paper mask, jail! Bank science.

End recap. Stay safe, stay out of Bank of (un)American.

A private corporation can make any rule they want. Fair enough. The citizens of the Great State of Texas can, too. After all, it’s our state. Except our rules are law. And all corporations are guests until we say they’re not and then they can get the hell out of our private state, just like the cop told granny.

We the People of Texas can REVOKE the business license from any private company in Texas. It is a privilege to operate a private bank in Texas. It’s not a right. It never was. It never will be.

It’s time for free Texians to start yanking business licenses of private businesses that treat clients like criminals for daring to disobey their phony, Marxist “rules”.

It’s time Texians withdraw Bank of (un)America’s privilege to do business in the Great State of Texas. The choice is ours, We the Texians. It’s the job of our elected servants to do our bidding and nothing less.

And if we don’t, what’s next? When will they make it a “rule” to fly or a “rule” to have an RNA-altering shot (there is no vaccine) to buy groceries, or go to the emergency room? I leave you, good Texian, with Governor Greg Abbott’s contact info. Let your elected servant know your

I also leave you Bank of (un)America’s CEO contact. In case you have a problem seeing Texian grandmas tackled over B of A-hole mask “rules”.

The oath has no expiration date. God bless Texas.

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