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DAZED & CONFUSED: Is THIS Why So Many Americans Polled Question Joe’s Capacity? (VIDEO)

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The Joe Biden the press is fawning over, and Joe Biden as he is perceived by the public are two VERY different people.

The fawning Press see Joe Biden as a conquering hero, the guy on the white horse who came in to save the day and rescue them from Orange Man Bad.

Many of the rest of us shake our heads wondering how in the hell someone who probably can’t even remember what he had for breakfast found himself behind the desk in the Oval Office.

The lack of confidence in his abilities are NOT helped by incidents like this one in his tightly-scripted photo ops in a small business in DC that received PPP funding.

For anyone suggesting this clip is being taken out of context, we also have the full video.

Joe is looking at to some people watching things unfold from a nearby rooftop garden, and classy guy that he is, he makes a flippant joke about their suicide that Trump would surely have gotten a pass on had he made the same quip in public.

His official remarks having come to a conclusion, he has no idea what happens next, and stands scanning around to his handlers looking for his next cue. A reporter tries to ask a question — about the border crisis — but his staffers whisk him out of harm’s way before he can respond.

We had to do some digging to get this one, since most of the official ones mysteriously clipped the footage before it got to him being … let’s call it ‘awkward’.

Surely our impartial and professional media would have given Trump the same courtesy had the same kind of a fumble happened with him, eh? We remember that Koi fish incident in Japan where CNN got busted for deceptively editing the video to make it seem like Trump had committed some kind of a diplomatic faux pas in dumping in the rest of the Koi food — until we saw the raw footage which showed Japan’s head of state doing the same thing first. Strange how the footage awkwardly zoomed in on Trump just in time to miss the Japanese leader pouring that food in.

Biden isn’t getting raked over the coals by the ‘mainstream’ press for standing around looking helpless (if it were Trump’ we’d be hearing about the 25th Amendment again), or about failing to respond to the Border Crisis, or even about the insensitive quip about suicide and mental health.

No, the media that busied themselves in October with questions about what ice cream flavors he favored are back to business as usual, covering their candidate from unnecessary scrutiny so that the policies they all favor can be quickly entrenched by a winner-take-all government.

If they were as interested in publishing information damaging to Joe Biden as they had been in kneecapping Trump, they would be shouting the results of this poll from the rooftops:

52 percent of likely voters are concerned that he hasn’t held a press conference, including 32 percent who are “very concerned,” the poll also finds.

“More than six weeks since his inauguration, President Biden still hasn’t held his first White House press conference, and half of voters are worried about his ability to do the job,” Rasmussen summarizes.–NationalPulse

Videos like this one will do nothing to assuage those concerns.

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