WATCH: Conservative Denounced Sexualization Of Children — Then Her Social Media Went Dark

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2021

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Not seeing anyone else volunteering to step up and take up this fight, Lauren Witzke took matters into her own hands.

Not sitting on the sidelines, Lauren is drawing a line in the sand and in the culture war, whether it’s ever-shifting goalposts around gender issues, or the overt sexualization of children, she’s not one to back away from a tussle.

She even ran for Senate in dark-blue Delaware, getting a strong showing by Delaware Republican standards!

Making her opinion known about the LGBT faction of the Republicans got her some strong negative pushback. But that wasn’t what had big tech pull her social media.

That happened when she got pissed over a transgender person calling very young girls ‘kinky’, among other revolting sexualized language involving young girls.

Referring to pedophiles as ‘demonic’ is apparently offensive to big tech. Alex Jones heard about it, and invited her on his show to talk about what happened. This is that interview.

She’d be quite happy spending her time and energy on being a mom, but since nobody ELSE stepped up, (she specifically called out Christian men for sitting on their hands) she answered the call to face the issues of the day head-on. She’s in good company. Here is a dynamite little book showcasing 10 Biblical Badasses who did exactly that, each in their own way.

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