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Is Endless ‘Insurrection’ Narrative Giving Cover To China’s Anti-Democratic Crackdown?

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The Communist Chinese are making (another) aggressive play against the supposedly ‘free’ people of Hong Kong. And they are using Western media propaganda to justify themselves.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, Protests in the Fall of 2019 drew attention to the fact that China has been moving against Hong Konger’s civil liberties. As part of the arrangements under the end of the UK’s 100-year lease, control of Hong Kong was to revert back to China, but China was obligated to honor certain civil liberties through a long transition period before China fully absorbed them.

China broke its end of the bargain, and that was what Hong Kong’s 2019 protests were all about. These are the same protests LeBron and the NBA were too gutless to defend, lest they kill the goose that lays their golden egg in the process. Like good little lapdogs, they sided with China. Then Wuhan went viral and the world suddenly had more pressing concerns to worry about. So China kept consolidating its power in Hong Kong.

Now, they are pressing that advantage further still.

Police say the defendants, which include 39 men and eight women aged between 23 and 64, allegedly violated the law by participating in unofficial election primaries for Hong Kong’s legislature last year, according to the Associated Press.

Pro-democracy demonstrators held the primaries to determine the best candidates to field to win a majority in the legislature, which could help vote down bills that would prompt Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to resign.

Last month, 55 activists and former lawmakers were arrested over their roles in the primaries, with authorities claiming their participation in the plan was to paralyze the city’s legislature and overthrow state power.

Hong Kong’s national security law includes criminal penalties for four unique types of violations, including separatism, subversion of state power, terrorist activities, and collusion with foreign entities. —WashingtonExaminer

Of course China figures they can get away with it. Not only has ‘their’ guy found his way behind the Resolute Desk, but our politicians and media are busy using the term ‘armed insurrection’ to describe an event where the only death resulting from willful violence was done at the hand of the security team defending the building.

Our broad brushing of all Pro-Trump protesters critical of the government as ‘insurrectionists’, ‘domestic terrorists’, and ‘white supremacists’ regardless of whether they had committed any crime or not plays into the Communist Chinese hand.

If even AMERICA cracks down on protesters, having the FBI spy on citizens’ movements, marking them as ‘threats’ who need to be questioned when they fly, or losing their jobs for participating in non-sanctioned protests, how are they any different than China?

The American example here gives China a fig leaf and pretense of legitimacy. At least China has the cojones to be honest about totalitarian crackdowns in the sense of claiming their government has lawful authority within China to do so.

Leftist Americans, on the other hand, still pretend to embrace traditional Constitutional freedoms, and Human Rights while giving China a pass. LeBron is a perfect example of the useful patsy behind whom they hide their crimes: SHOTS FIRED: Lebron James Called Out By Soccer Star For His Woke Politics

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