Former French Politician Sentenced For Corruption Charges — Could That Still Happen Here?

Written by Wes Walker on March 1, 2021

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There is still enough integrity in the French justice system that being wealthy and connected does not get you a guaranteed get out of jail free card?

Must be nice.

Here, how the legal system will handle your case has more to do with your political affiliation than with the facts of the case. Just look at the difference between how General Flynn, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos were handled when the Feds KNEW they were innocent, compared to how Hillary and (the rest of) the crowd that LIED under oath to set them up were treated. Even a JUDGE was desperate to send Flynn down the river AFTER it was proven the evidence against him was fabricated.

In France, on the other hand, there is still room for some powerful politicians to be held to account for wrongdoing.

You may have heard the name Nicolas Sarkozy? He was President in France from 2007-2012.

He was just convicted and sentenced for trying to bribe a judge in exchange for information about a legal case he had a personal stake in. Besides this, he is set to face trial next month for another case, and a third case involving him is still under investigation.

The ruling marks the first time in France’s modern history that a former president has been convicted of corruption — and given a prison term. His predecessor, Jacques Chirac, was found guilty in 2011 of misuse of public money during his time as Paris mayor — not considered a corruption offence — and was given a two-year suspended prison sentence.

The court said Sarkozy is entitled to ask to be detained at home with an electronic bracelet — as is the case for any sentence of two years or less. He also received a two-year suspended sentence — which he will not have to serve if he commits no new offence in the next five years.

… The court found that Sarkozy and his co-defendants sealed a “pact of corruption,” based on “consistent and serious evidence”.

The court said the case was “particularly serious” given that the acts were committed by a former president for his personal gain. In addition, as a lawyer by training, Sarkozy was “perfectly aware” that what he was doing was illegal, the court said.

Sarkozy did not deny offering to help Azibert get a job in Monaco — but he firmly refuted that he had done anything wrong during the 10-day trial at the end of last year. –CTVNews

Would anyone on this side of the Atlantic DARE to lay charges against anyone that hasn’t yet fallen out of favor to the point of having negligible political value and influence?

Trudeau had been hit with multiple ethics complaints and even FIRED the person who would have led an investigation into corruption surrounding SNC Lavalan, one of THREE corruption scandals that was dogging him.

Here in the Good Ol’ USA, with ‘liberty and justice for all’?

In any sane world, the unanswered questions surrounding foreign influence, influence peddling, and dubious income streams to Joe’s immediate family would have labeled him a security risk and disqualified him from holding security clearances or seeking the nomination let alone sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

But here we are.

Durham is still (theoretically) investigating the circumstances surrounding Crossfire Hurricane.

Not that we’re holding up much hope that anything will come of it. The guy who lied to a FISA court judge got probation. General Flynn, was driven to the brink of bankruptcy, and would STILL be prosecuted by a rogue judge AFTER charges had been dropped had President Trump not issued a pardon.

Are we really holding up hope that anyone with political connections has any chance of paying a price in America?

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