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KILLER CUOMO: Staffers Testify Report Numbers Were Deliberately Fudged . . . And It Gets Worse

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Cuomo wasn’t the only one who knew that the reports about the deaths in the nursing homes looked REALLY bad for him, But those who helped him have NO reasonable alibi, either.

The answer to ‘what did Cuomo know and when did he know it’ is looking worse for him every day. Could those endless stories about Andrew playing grabass with his subordinates be a lightning-rod to get us to stop talking about a much more damming story?

It wouldn’t be the first time they played that tactic. That’s how Governor Blackface stopped talking about Infanticide.

Aides to Andrew Cuomo rewrote a nursing home report in June 2020 to hide the high death toll, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The New York Times. The intervention came as Cuomo “was starting to write a book on his pandemic achievements.”

Now even the New York Times has been forced into reporting that maybe, just maybe, the Emmy-award winning LuvGov they propped up as the Anti-Trump for the past four years, and lionized through COVID might have been a mistake.

Worse yet, they may soon wake up to the possibility that thier role in making him out as a hero gave him the unearned credibility he needed to pull off a coverup. Haven’t they learned yet that Democracy Dies In Darkness? Oh wait, that’s the other crew of useless tools. This crowd is supposedly giving us ‘all the news that’s fit to print’.

Now that his own AG is putting his feet to the fire it’s nice of them to finally wake up to Cuomo’s Killer COVID streak. . .

…AFTER letting him and Biden hang the virus like an albatross against Trump’s neck. But surely that was coincidence.

Remember the report that came out in July that had some dubious details about what went wrong in New York nursing homes? It smelled like a coverup at the time.

The big news outlets didn’t cover it, but supposedly ‘fake’ news here on the right was busy holding his feet to the fire. We didn’t buy his line at the time We have the receipts:

Here is a partial timeline of our reporting on his fumbling of this ball from the beginning, and his blame-shifting when the truth came out from April of 2020 through to the Democrat whistleblower and AG report.

HEY KILLER CUOMO: Your AG Says You’ve Been Cooking The Books On Nursing Home Deaths… Why?

WATCH: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blame-Shifts On Nursing Home Deaths Despite Exposure Of Cover-Up

Instead of holding Cuomo to account the way news sites like ours did, the ‘big’ networks were too busy being Cuomo’s unquestioning cheerleaders, holding him up as the ‘shadow president’, which is to say, using him as a way to scapegoat Trump, and demonize him in -= surprise, surprise! — an election year.

Heh. Potatohead’s ‘Reliable Sources’ might want to think about a rebranding, right about now.

Back to the Cuomo disaster. In testimony about the report in July that had us all calling Bulls**t, some damning details have come to light. We were right all along in saying that Cuomo’s people were cooking the books.

State health officials could see from the data that a significant number of residents died after being transferred to hospitals. The state health commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, had been aware as early as June that officials in his department believed the data was good enough to include in the report, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions.
But Dr. Zucker testified to lawmakers in early August that the department was still auditing the numbers and could not release them. State Senator Gustavo Rivera, the chair of the health committee, suggested during the hearing that the data was being withheld to improve the governor’s image.
“That’s a problem, bro,” Mr. Rivera told Dr. Zucker. “It seems, sir, that, in this case, you are choosing to define it differently so that you can look better.”

…Dr. Eleanor Adams was the Health Department’s lead on the report, but her draft was substantially rewritten by Mr. Malatras, now the chancellor of the State University of New York system. He was among a number of officials and former advisers temporarily recruited by Mr. Cuomo to assist with the pandemic response.
The back-and-forth went well beyond the usual process of the governor’s office suggesting edits to an agency report, and became “intense” at times, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions.
Health officials felt the governor’s office, whose opinion was conveyed by Mr. Malatras, wanted to simplify too much. They worried it was no longer a true scientific report, but feared for their jobs if they did not go along. —NYTimes

So a university prof with a course in Ethics In Government Investigations (you couldn’t even make this up) helped the Luv Gov bury fatality numbers that we now know the DOJ had specifically come looking for so that they wouldn’t reflect as badly as him, while he is bragging to the world about his own great leadership, writing a book on it, receiving an Emmy and using President Trump as a foil and a lightning rod for all negative attention.

With the lockstep complicity of the mainstream media.

But we’re supposed to accept Big Media, Big Tech, and ‘official fact checkers’ as having our best interests in mind.

While they were doing this elaborate fan dance, who was ACTUALLY working in the interest of the elderly in nursing homes?

The rest of us, often described with pithy epithets. Deplorable. Irredemable. Many of us probably even wear that evil red hat. Can you imagine!

You want to be a tough guy? Well now you’ve got a tough souding nickname.

Killer Cuomo. But appropriately for the fake tough guy you are, there’s no honor in the name — the people you’ve killed were all helpless and dependant.

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