Here’s How China’s Mandatory COVID Anal Swab Test For Foreign Travelers Is Administered (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 5, 2021

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At what point, exactly, do we say that these COVID-19 mitigation measures have gone too far?

It was bad enough having a cotton swab poked at your brain, but now China is imposing anal swab tests for COVID-19 on all foreign travelers arriving in the country.

The Chinese Communist Party insists that the incredibly invasive test is more accurate in screening for the coronavirus because “virus traces stay in fecal samples longer than they do in the nose or throat.”

The airports in Beijing and Shanghai will have testing centers to screen incoming foreign travelers.

The implementation of anal swab testing for the coronavirus in China made headlines earlier this year. Late last month, the State Department said that U.S. diplomats were subjected to the humiliating test. The Chinese government denied that U.S. diplomats stationed in China were asked to have the tests done.

Want to know what visitors to China will endure?

Here is a demonstration:

Geez! And we thought that Canada’s quarantine at your own expense and Australia’s drones to ensure social distancing were infringements on individual rights!

The move by the Chinese government to make the test mandatory for all foreign travelers has come after Japan asked China to stop the invasive tests on their citizens because some Japanese travelers had the test performed and suffered from “mental anguish.” (I’ll bet!)

“Some Japanese reported to our embassy in China that they received anal swab tests, which caused a great psychological pain,” Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, told a news conference.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, however, defended the screenings as “science-based.”

The tests are “in accordance with the changes in the epidemic situation as well as relevant laws and regulations,” he said.
Source: New York Post

Oh! So it’s all “science-based” is it?

How is it “science-based” to test for a respiratory virus by shoving something up the wazoo? I’m no expert, but if you have to go hunting for “traces of the virus” in feces, then perhaps the “infected” person isn’t actually shedding the virus and is therefore not really a risk to public health? Does that not make sense?

Apparently, li’l ol’ me is onto something. The anal swabs can detect inactive virus particles. (And before you ask, 3-5 cm works out to about 1-2 inches for the rest of us.)

The Chinese Centre for Disease Control said the test is performed with a sterile cotton swab, which looks like a very long ear bud, that is inserted 3cm to 5cm into the anus before being gently rotated out.

But a positive result does not necessarily mean the person tested can spread the virus, as inactive traces unable to replicate or infect others can also show up as a positive result, Jin Dongyan, a virology professor at the University of Hong Kong, said.

While the virus does shed for a longer time in the stool than in nasal samples, that has no clinical relevance as patients in that stage of recovery no longer pose infection risks, said an expert in Europe who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Source: Yahoo News

And yet, I can’t wait for Dr. Fauci to start suggesting that the United States starts adopting this test on one of his frequent CNN appearances.

I can hear it now:

“Well, Dan-a, you know, it’s based on the science. Anal swabs are just a more effective way to determine if someone has the virus. I mean, sure — they aren’t spreading it through their backside, and there might be an argument to make that if you need an anal swab because there isn’t enough virus in the nose or throat to detect, that clearly means they won’t be shedding the virus… but that’s not really the issue. This is about The Science™. Frankly, we need to bump up these case numbers now that they’re dropping and more people are getting vaccinated. You see what’s happening, Dan-a — some states are lifting mask mandates and not treating people like they are children. We can’t have that! That just doesn’t make sense! Look, we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of ’15 Days to Slow the Spread’ and if we don’t keep people terrified, wearing masks, social distancing, and other mitigation measures, I’m not gonna have to go back to the NIH and not be on TV anymore.”

Fauci aside, we know why these new tests are being made mandatory in China — the Chinese Communist Party is desperate to deflect that the virus originated in Wuhan, and are doing everything that they can to blame, shame, and humiliate anyone who is not Chinese.

Since Day 1 there has been an extensive disinformation campaign about the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and even the recent World Health Organization “investigation” was an absolute sham that yielded nothing but confirmation that the WHO is in the pocket of the Chinese government.

If they find more and more foreigners who test positive for the virus, if there is an outbreak, the Chinese government can easily shift the blame.

Ironically, this is all just a giant “Cover Your Ass” move by the CCP.

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