LUV GOV LAWYERS UP: Cuomo Hires Defence Lawyers For Granny-Killing COVID Inquiry

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2021

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Suddenly that Luv Gov isn’t quite the same cocky counterpuncher he had been when the media was dutifully shielding him from every criticism and directing it at Trump.

Now that Cuomo has served his function as a cudgel with which to beat Trump, and Biden is safely sworn into the White House, Andrew is learning the hard way that leftist loyalty is a fickle thing.

When it throwing him under the bus suits the left’s overall agenda, they will cheerfully do so.

Now that even CNN no longer has his back, and Democrats have their knives out for him, including his own AG, Cuomo finally realizes he’s in deep yogurt.

He’s got two significant scandals brewing at the same time. One is an independant investigation that will be conducted into allegations by three separate women that Cuomo sexually harassed them, one allegation includes photo evidence taken by an observer of the interaction between Cuomo and the woman lodging the complaint.

With the case formally referred to New York’s AG (who, ironically ran for office pledging to use her powers to investigate President Trump to the best of her ability), she is expected to appoint an outside counsel to investigate the case. When that happens, Cuomo will want to find himself a good laywer.

But for now, he has been more concerned about a more pressing legal need. For that, he has called upon a top notch laywer. A criminal defense laywer.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has retained a prominent white-collar criminal defense lawyer to represent his office in a federal investigation into the state’s misreporting of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents, a spokesman said on Monday.

Cuomo has come under fire in recent weeks over his office’s role in reporting the official count of coronavirus fatalities among patients of nursing and extended-care facilities, as well as for allegations of sexual harassment leveled against him.

Elkan Abramowitz, a former federal prosecutor now working in private practice in New York City, was hired to represent Cuomo’s “executive chamber” – consisting of the governor and his immediate staff – in the U.S. Justice Department inquiry into the COVID-19 nursing home deaths, senior advisor Rich Azzopardi told Reuters in a text message. —USNews

Suddenly, he’s not talking quite as tough as he was when he thought he had a bulletproof political career, and the media protecting his six, is he?

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