The Latest Chinese Lockdown Is Killing Their Healthy Citizens

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2021

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Not so long ago, China bragged that they were far superior to the West, and had practically NO problems with the virus from Wuhan, and only North Korea with zero cases was doing better. So what’s going wrong in Nangong province?

China is battling a wave of the virus there. It’s not getting better, so they are resorting to some extreme solutions to their problems.

In this instance, the ‘cure worse than the disease’ might be a perfectly accurate description.

China’s northern Nangong City hasn’t announced any new COVID-19 patients since Jan. 27, but people still live under lockdown on Feb. 28. Local residents told The Epoch Times that the lockdown has meant their loved ones couldn’t receive needed medical treatment.

Some have even passed away as a result.

The Chinese regime has underreported cases of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak since day one. Experts have said they believe that the outbreak in Nangong isn’t gone, but officials don’t publicize the truth because a serious outbreak has political implications. Mid-level CCP members at the city and region level face dismissal from their positions if they announce the real pandemic figures.

“The Nangong government is still locking the city down after one month. The only reason that can explain that is that the CCP virus outbreak is still very serious in the city,” U.S.-based China affairs expert Tang Jingyuan said on Feb. 28.

The article goes on to describe a 1yo baby being denied medical treatment after suffering diarrhea for days (which can be life-threatening), a man whose brother called for an ambulance when he had heart trouble, but no ambulance came. Citizens who were denied government permission to travel so they could seek medical treatment not available where they were.

Are these measures just an overreaction focussed on a single trouble spot? Not really. It’s happening in other places, too. Imagine being locked into your office for an unspecified length of time?

Nangong in Hebei Province isn’t the only Chinese region under lockdown.

Residents and workers at a residential compound and a nearby industrial campus in Daxing district in Beijing city said to the Chinese-language Epoch Times on Feb. 26 that they were suddenly locked in their homes or at their offices and were tested for COVID-19.

“We can’t figure out what’s happened and the officials refused to tell us how long they would lock us down. Maybe a week. Maybe 14 days,” a resident at Rongjing Lidu residential compound said in the phone interview. —EpochTimes

The lockdowns are severe and some people are paying a heavy price.

But perhaps the typical talking-point spitting ‘believe the science’ Democrat has no objection to death or suffering as part of the serious consequences of fighting the CCP’s viral gift to humanity?

Just do what the experts in government command of you, and everything will go alright, is that it?


Obey without question?

There must be SOME sort of a line in the sand that cost-benefit calculation of risk assessments for the virus won’t cross, isn’t there?

And that, at least, would be a starting point.

If we can draw sharp lines on where OTHER countries have gone too far on the enforcement side, maybe we can use that as a productive starting point of common ground in discussions for where OUR politicians have overplayed their hand and created a ‘cure’ that was worse than the disease here as well.

Is that kind of an honest conversation REALLY too much to ask in today’s polarized world? Sadly, that question probably answers itself.

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