Make Liberals Cry Again With Our Neanderthal & Dr. Seuss T Shirts!

Written by Doug Giles on March 10, 2021

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Here’s one way to trigger your leftist tinkerpot neighbors!

Sleepy Joe called 75M+ Americans ‘Neanderthals’ for not buying his draconian mask BS. So, what did we do? We created a t-shirt to proudly own it. If freedom makes me a caveman, well then … rock-n-roll.

We’ve got several different fits.

One for both guys and gals:

A boyfriend tee for the ladies:

There’s also a v-neck tee, also for the ladies:

The Left isn’t just after right-wingers, though.

Even liberals like Dr. Seuss who wrote books against racism aren’t woke enough for them.

So, we’ve got some pro-Dr. S merch, too!

For the dudes and the ladies:

For just the ladies:

Another option for the ladies: