GUN GRABBERS: Here Come 2 More Bills By Pelosi To Help Congress Infringe On Gun Rights

Written by Wes Walker on March 12, 2021

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When Republicans warned this could be the most consequential election in modern US history, this is exactly the sort of radical Democrat policy changes behind that statement.

It’s become almost cliché to say that ‘elections have consequences’.

But when you realize that the other team is more than willing to play fast and loose with the actual constraints of the Constitution, knowing full well that if they flood the zone, patriots could never manage to take ALL of their subversive and anti-Constitutional legislation to court.

The malicious genius of their policy is simple: don’t ask for permission for something when it’s easier to ask for forgiveness. We need to wake up to the fact that Dems are making a play at a permanent change not at the cultural level, but at the fundamental level of corrupting the principles laid out by our founding documents themselves.

HR1 nationalizing elections takes aim at States’ Rights limitations of both federal powers with elections and aspects of the First Amendment. Now with these bills, Pelosi’s iron fist and any the slimmest of House majorities is turning its attention to making good on their promise to gut the Second Amendment. More on HR1 here: Rowdy Rant Rips Pelosi’s Anti-Constitutional HR1 To Ribbons … REAL Talk On Election Reform (VIDEO)

What Pompeo and others fought to defend, they are looking to undermine.

So what anti 2A bills did Nancy
‘s Democrats just push through the House?

The first measure, which passed the Democratic-led House 227-203, would close a long-standing loophole in gun laws by expanding background checks to those purchasing weapons over the internet, at gun shows and through certain private transactions. Only eight Republicans joined the Democrats in backing the bill.

The second bill, passed 219-210 with only two Republicans supporting it, would give authorities 10 business days for federal background checks to be completed before a gun sale can be licensed. Currently, such sales can proceed if the government cannot complete complicated background checks of prospective buyers within three days. –Reuters

See, for Democrats, gun owners, even lawful gun owners are the bad guys. But those thousands of foreigners preferring to crash our border rather than enter it lawfully? Those are the good guys. Even if they are convicted of a crime, we do NOT want to send them back from wherever they came from.

When Drug Cartels become flush with cash and get to upgrade the military-grade weapons they use to terrorize civilians, murder Latinos, corrupt lawful governments, and exploit the weak and vulnerable? Well, just considered the price of Democrats doing business in pushing their ‘very humane’ policy.

Some of our more fair-minded readers might ask if this is an unfair apples-to-oranges comparison to make. It is not, and here’s why.

When Democrats had an opportunity to choose between gun safety and shielding those involved in illegal immigration, they announced their true priorities :

It never occurs to them to ask if there is an UPSIDE to lawful gun ownership. Like the recent story about a restaurant in Atlanta that was robbed by a bad guy ending when a good guy with a gun helped the cops take the threat into custody without anyone getting hurt: Armed Atlanta Bro Tries To Rob A Chick-Fil-A … That Was A Mistake

The Obama/Biden era ‘PROMISE’ program intended to shield kids with criminal intent from getting caught up in the legal system was more directly responsible for people dying from gun violence than the mythical ‘gun show loophole’ they like to talk about.

One of the OTHER reasons they are so desperate to see gun shows done away with is that it’s a great place for like-minded patriots to network and organize, and to get them registered to vote.

They wouldn’t want to have any of that going on now, would they?

This isn’t the first time in human history people have had to stand up and be counted if they didn’t like the direction the world was headed, but if we’re going to have the courage to endure through the long fight it never hurts to inspire the imagination with the examples of those who have been there before us.

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