LMAO: Rowdy Rant Rips Pelosi’s Anti-Constitutional HR1 To Ribbons … REAL Talk On Election Reform (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 12, 2021

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Follow Doug on Parler @TheGilesWay.

He’s pithy, he’s profane and his political takes are perfectly on-point. He’s everything Pelosi would desperately want to see silenced.

His online name is ‘Razorfist’, his channel is called ‘the rageaholic‘. Think Dennis Miller, only more ‘metal’.

The f-bombs might be a little much for some of our more, shall we say ‘tender’ readers, but he’s got a helluva way of boiling the big issues down to the key details… and pulling out mainstream sources to prove his point is true.

With Pelosi Inc. pushing HR1 again, Razorfist opens up a great big can of whoop@ss and starts wailing on her.

The first part hammers what’s wrong with the policy itself.

Then it goes into the part mainstream media REALLY don’t want to talk about — a 2016 BBC article with ‘the telltale signs of a stolen election’.

How he ties that CNN story into his rant is nothing short of amazing.

For those readers of ours who can handle his spicy language? You’re going to love this rant.

And if you think this guy is edgy, wait until you see what this guy is like when you aren’t looking at him through a soft-focus filter:

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