CLASH POLL: Republicans’ Favorite SCOTUS Justice Announced… Do You Agree?

Written by Wes Walker on March 19, 2021

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One Justice stood out among conservatives polled. Would you make the same choice?

Democrats would have us believe that there are six conservative SCOTUS Justices. That’s a half-truth. We have six who were appointed by Republican presidents, but that’s hardly the same thing is it? — Exhibit A, Chief Justice Roberts, who was such a ‘conservative’ that he became the lone dissenting voice on a recent 8-1 free speech/religious freedom decision.

Democrats are clamoring for Clinton appointee Stephen Breyer to quietly step aside in hopes of avoiding the same ‘nightmare’ that happened when Ruth Bader Ginsberg remained in office until a time when the Republicans controlled both the White House and Senate.

That delay led to the appointment and confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. It’s still a little early to evaluate how good that appointment really was. You could say the same for Trump’s other two appointments. Both of them have had a couple of rulings that left conservatives scratching their heads… and that’s before we even consider the election integrity decisions, either with respect to 2020 or looking forward to future elections.

Here is a screenshot of how Republicans ranked the 9 Justices in that poll.

Each line in this graph measures favorable (blue) neutral (grey) and unfavorable (red) per 100 people polled.

Do you know what’s weird about this graph?

All of those evil, irredeemable, deplorable, White-supremacist, republicans must not even realize Clarence Thomas is black. I mean, why else would they like him so much … for the content of his Character?

Do they not know who Clarence Thomas really is? I mean, here he is calling out white bigots who conducted a ‘high-tech lynching’ on a candidate because they don’t like ‘uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves’.

Come to think of it, the white Senator leading this high-tech lynching of an ‘uppity black’ nominee, as Justice Thomas called it, looks kinda familiar. Whatever became of the leader of that racist high-tech lynch mob, anyway?

The White House?

All sarcasm aside, Clarence Thomas has impressed us for the same reason Scalia did, and Alito does.

His decisions are predictable, not based on walking in lockstep party affiliation as might be said of four Democrat-appointed Justices, or on anachronistic impositions on old laws, but based on actual law and precedent.

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