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SHOW ME THE STUDY: Rand, Fauci Clash Over Forcing Vaccinated People To Wear Masks

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If they tell us we’re supposed to follow the science, why is little Lord Fauci so quick to dismiss the study DOCTOR Rand Paul is asking about … or slow to offer a study to back up his claims?

Here’s the short version of what happened:

Senator (and Dr.) Rand Paul cuts to the heart of it at the point in this clash when he tells Fauci ‘you’re making your policy based on conjecture’. Every time Paul asked for concrete evidence, Fauci answered with a hypothetical.

Here’s the story in greater detail:

Fauci came in for another hearing before the Senate, where he got to speak as an authority on all things Coronavirus, yet again, lecturing us all about obeying government policy and ‘following the science’.

But not everyone is overawed by Fauci’s reputation and credentials. Nor is everyone willing to step and fetch to every government whim without a damned good reason WHY a government edict is justified.

Since Rand Paul is ALSO a doctor, he is fully equipped to understand (and challenge) any scientific studies and medical jargon cited by Fauch. He won’t be bullied into accepting ‘because I said so’ as a satisfactory answer for any government infringement on personal liberty.

That is especially true when those demands fly in the face of known studies and data. For example, here are two relevant basic scientific facts:

-If you have recovered from the virus, you have some level of immunity from reinfection.

-If you have had the vaccine, you have some level of immunity from contracting it at all.

Rand Paul led his questioning of Little Lord Fauci by citing a number of studies whose findings would NOT justify the government requiring people with natural viral immunity from wearing the mask. He cited a series of scientific studies arguing AGAINST risk of reinfection.

With the goalposts moving again, in a direction that tilts the playing field in favor of government restrictions rather than individual freedom, Dr. Paul asked pointed questions about the scientific rationale for them wearing masks.

Fauci defaulted to the pessimistic fear-mongering response that he’s become so well-known for, the one that requires indefinite Big Government intervention which (coincidentally) means he gets to stretch out this gig as government health guru (and tv celebrity) for another couple of years.

Wasn’t Fauci the guy at the heart of Trump’s COVID response, especially in the early stages? (He should therefore have his share in whatever praise or blame is offered to the prior administration, right?) Since he is forever lecturing us all about obeying the ever-evolving (but dogmatic) COVID orthodoxy of government officials, he must understand the temptation of power-hungry politicians to politicize the virus for private agendas. All the more reason for those with oversight to raise probing questions.

If he wants us all to ‘follow the science’ and obey a mandate, it’s only fair to expect him to show us his original sources. We want objective evidence. Especially since he has already admitted to lying about masks to manipulate public behavior.

And who better to fully grasp the sources he would be referencing than another Doctor, one who himself has contracted and recovered from this same virus and understands how serious the implications of contracting it can be for high-risk patients?

Rand saw through Fauci’s smokescreen and wanted real data.

How many other ‘experts’ have been hiding behind their credentials to give the government unjustifiable authority over the lives of private citizens?

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