NAVY SEAL That Shot Bin Laden Weighs In On US Corruption — Spoiler Alert, It’s SAVAGE

Written by Wes Walker on March 4, 2021

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If those who have gone to war under our flag to defend our freedoms have earned a right to have their opinions heard, how much more so had the guy who took out Public Enemy Number One, Osama Bin Laden.

Some of our readers may be too young to remember, what it was like from the time Osama Bin Laden coordinated an attack on US soil that forever altered the New York skyline while snuffing out some 3000 or so American lives in the process until the day the ‘holy man’ with his ‘huge stash of porn’ was finally shot dead like a dog in his compound in Pakistan.

He had attacked us with impunity and had slipped like smoke through our grasp for years, with threats of doing so again. He was, for many, the monster in the closet. The other shoe that hadn’t dropped.

The guy who finally put him down like a dog was Robert J. O’Neill.

When a guy like that has something to say about the declining state of our Democracy, it just might be worth hearing what he has to say.

[Insert favorite ‘record scratch, freeze frame’ meme here.]

Considering who it was that O’Neill let the air out of, that’s one hell of a statement. Rather than try and put any words in his mouth, let’s see if any of his other recent tweets might shed some light on what prompted him to make such a provocative statement.

Maybe we can pick up a few likely clues from what he posted in the previous day or so…

Looks like he has a pretty clear vision of what his problem is, doesn’t it?

Now we all know how the media would have spun this had someone like the folks responsible for the killing of Al-Baghdadi or Solemani had taken issue with a sitting president with an R after his name — especially if it was Trump.

They’d be eating it up, just like they did every White House defection.

How do you suppose they will handle O’Neill’s criticisms of the corruption and abuse of power in this Democrat government?

Even the crickets would fall silent.

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