WATCH: Judge In Mississippi Throws Out One 2020 Election . . . Can You Guess Why?

Written by Wes Walker on March 4, 2021

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This would throw a stick in the spokes of the carefully-manicured election narrative that Democrats, Pundits, Presstitutes, and Big Tech have been curating since last summer… so expect this story to get buried.

You didn’t have to look past the host of SNAFUs in 2020 primaries to see the problem. It was common knowledge that there were, let’s call them ‘concerns’, about the reliability of high-volume mail to produce a clean and uncontested election result.

Nevertheless, Dems persisted, and doubled down on pushing for the mail-in vote. The strategy got them the result they wanted, but it was hardly ‘uncontested’. They had to change voting laws to make it happen, and the constitutional authority of the people who initiated those changes to have done so remains an unresolved question that even members of SCOTUS recognize as unresolved.

The official narrative we are told goes something like this.

1) There IS no evidence of voter fraud.

2) If there WERE evidence of voter fraud, it would be so minimal as to have no bearing on the outcome of the election.

3) Therefore mail-in ballots are an unqualified GoodThing™.

That’s what one might call a testable theory. One judge just took a look at the mail-in ballots in a contested election in Mississippi. His findings did NOT line up with the official narrative.

You can’t even call this an effort of Republicans to cast doubt on the election. The race this judge was looking into was a Democrat primary.

What he found has led to a bench warrant for the arrest of an election official and a redo of the local election.

“In the sixty-four-page order, Judge Jeff Weill not only calls for a new election but also finds evidence of fraud and criminal activity, in how absentee ballots were handled, how votes were counted, and the actions by some at the polling place,” CBS affiliate WCBI reported.

“In his ruling, the judge said that sixty-six of eighty-four absentee ballots cast in the June runoff were not valid and should never have been counted,” the report continued.

The voter fraud and arrest of the notary for the criminal behavior was reported by WCBI.

…“Judge Weill found many irregularities with absentee ballots,” the report said. “He issued a bench warrant for notary Dallas Jones, who notarized absentee ballots. During a hearing, Jones admitted violating notary duties.”

“When you have an absentee ballot, there’s an envelope, you vote, fold the ballot, put it in an envelope, lick the flap, sign across the flap, then notary signs your election certificate, she testified that she didn’t sign in front of anybody, didn’t see anybody sign it, she just notarized it, just stamped them,” Lydia Quarles, attorney for the challenger Robert Devaull, said. — BeckerNews

If that weren’t enough, the judge also indicated evidence of voter intimidation.

This was not, we remind you, a vote in which Republicans had a dog in the fight. This was Demcorat-on-Democrat.

‘Voter suppression’ is supposedly a Republican hallmark, isn’t it? Then how are we seeing all of these shenanigans in a blue-on-blue battle?

It makes you wonder…

How closely have we been looking at the mines that might be lurking in ‘For the People Act of 2021 (H.R. 1)‘?

It’s chock full of changes that dilute or eliminate the very sort of failsafe protections that would prevent the kind of criminal election interference uncovered by this judge.

Why might a political party want to pass legislation making elections LESS secure?

The narrative couldn’t be a carefully crafted LIE in the service of a power-grab to create a de facto one-party state — could it?

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