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SO TOLERANT: Abortion Zealots Trashed A Cathedral . . . To Celebrate International Women’s Day

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There was more outrage on the left over a piece of uncooked bacon placed on the door handle of a mosque than there ever will be over the trashing of this cathedral.

The left feigns outrage that the right somehow fails to condemn the most objectionable individuals who march under our banners, but where are they when it comes time for denouncing violence done in the name of their own causes?

Violent protests in the name of ‘progressive’ causes are becoming a common occurrence around the world as well. International Womens’ Day is one example of where it is showing up.

A Colombian archbishop condemned an attack against a local cathedral March 8 by a group of radical pro-abortion feminists.

Archbishop Orlando Roa Barbosa of Ibagué said in a statement that the Church “will carry on with a prophetic voice, denouncing everything that, with the appearance of law, really goes against the integrity, nature and dignity of women.”

On International Women’s Day, which takes place March 8 and is also known as “8M,” a group of radical feminists vandalized the cathedral. They tagged the walls with slogans such as “8M,” “rapists,” and “we want each other alive,” an apparent reference to violence against women.

Among other things, the demonstrators were opposing the Church’s view on abortion, according to local media. Many of the protestors have called for legalized abortion-on-demand without any government regulation. –CatholicNewsAgency

If you follow the link from a related story, LifeNews, you will find such violence has popped up all around the world, with links to various other occurrences, including several in the good ol’ US of A.

Domestically, the left is working hard to delegitimize any criticism of violence done in the name of either Antifa or BLM. Elected officials have gone so far as endorsing looting as ‘legitimate protest’ and raising bail money, while TV talking heads like Fredo Cuomo asked where it said that protests should be ‘peaceful’. Kind of an awkward question considering which part of the Constitution gives the provisions under which a free press can operate, you might think.

We need look no further than the razor wire around the Capitol to see how we are being conditioned to believe that violence done in the name of the political right is an ever-present threat, but violence done on the left is nothing more than over-enthusiastic support of a righteous cause.

Sadly, the ‘feminazis’ (as the late Rush Limbaugh had dubbed them) have a very misguided idea of what being a badass example of a strong woman looks like. Had they bothered to ask, we could have provided far better examples from almost every conceivable walk of life — young and old, married and single, ‘sordid’ or chaste, from a prominent family or outsiders from absolute obscurity. God doesn’t need to look at a resume to know who He can use.

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Wes Walker

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