WATCH: Jordan Peterson’s Counter-Cultural Advice To Young Men Will MELT Snowflake Soyboys

Written by Wes Walker on March 17, 2021

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Dr. Jordan Peterson had been kicking the cultural wasp’s nest for years. His Q&A interview with his daughter is no different. The question she asked was innocuous enough. But his answer will rattle some chains.

Mikhaila Peterson had her father on her podcast to discuss, among other things, his newest book the sequel to 12 Rules for Life called ’12 More Rules For Life’.

She took the opportunity to throw some Q&A questions at him. We thought our readers would appreciate one exchange in particular. He has a reputation for being popular among young male listeners, so she asked a question that would be directly relevant to that group.

“What advice do you have for a young man in his 20s?”

He gives exactly the OPPOSITE of any advice today’s victim culture of find an oppressor to blame for your problems.

JP: It’s a pretty non-specific question. Make a plan. Look at what you’re interested in. Get disciplined about something. Allow for the possibility that you have something important to contribute to the world, and that the world would be a lesser place without that contribution. Don’t be afraid of taking on responsibility. It’s where you find what sustains you in your life. You can take on too much responsibility, you have to be cautious in that regard, but that’s a less common problem than not taking on enough.
A lot of things that people regard as traps are actually the means to their life, you know. Often young people are afraid of commitment, for example in the context of a romantic relationship and because they believe that’s going to interfere with their pursuit of something more valuable but that’s just not the case. You’re not going to find something more valuable in your life than a committed relationship with someone that you love that sustains itself across time and in all likelihood, produces children. That’s life. And there may be people for whom avoiding that is the better route, but those people are very rare, and you need a real reason to assume you’re one of those people. And hopefully, for you, you’re not.
You know, I’ve had a very good career, a very meaningful career in multiple dimensions and it’s still been the case for me that the most important part of my life has been my intimate relationship with my wife and my family. So don’t be afraid of that. Or… BE afraid of that, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing it.

Speaking of Jordan Peterson, there has been great speculation for years on where he is in terms of his religious beliefs, and whether he would consider himself a Christian. His answers have tended to be evasive, because, he hasn’t had time to truly grapple with and think through the implications of the Christian claims, or the personal implications of believing them. This clip is the most revealing video yet on where he stands.

You may find it as interesting as we did.

Speaking of Christian truth claims…

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