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The Real Truth About Dr. Fauci

And the Truth will set you free.

John 8:32

I spotted the flaw in Dr. Fauci almost from the beginning. His sing-song manner of speech and overly homey assertations unnerved me. He just didn’t seem sincere. Here was the supposed expert telling us about Covid-19 using language intended to smooth over fears, which seemed hollow. At every chance he could get, he was appearing in our national media over and over. This Covid disease was serious, yet Dr. Fauci seemed to enjoy the limelight, focused how to become America’s grandfather. 

In the beginning of the crisis, we didn’t need a media star, we needed a scientist who could level with us. Many of my friends found him adorable and my criticism was not met with an open mind. His sing-song manner made him a favorite, despite his inaccuracies. He was seldom in doubt, and not always right. 

For instance, during the early days of the pandemic, he didn’t wear a mask at the White House briefings. Amazingly, he said we didn’t need to wear a mask, despite evidence from the east Asian countries, who had earlier experiences of the value of wearing a mask. Months later when challenged about the grievous error, he told us he was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough protective equipment for health care workers. 

Not telling the truth led many to not wear masks, even though scientific evidence said otherwise. Leading many Americans to think they were safe without masks. His concern about healthcare workers seems noble, but telling the truth could have changed the direction of the disease. 

Recently, Dr. Fauci changed his mind on what percentage of people need to be vaccinated for our country to achieve Herd Immunity. Originally he stated, 60 to 70 percent. Now he claims it is 75 to 90 percent. He claimed the reason for the change was that he didn’t think Americans were ready to hear the truth and didn’t want to discourage us. 

Now it seems Dr. Fauci appears to have good intentions. But let’s be clear, this is manipulative behavior. And a statement of disrespect to all Americans, showing how little faith he has in Americans. He seems to think we can’t handle bad news. 

From our experts we need to have the truth, no matter how dire. As a country our technocrats shouldn’t mislead because they don’t trust our behavior. Instead they need to trust the majority will act responsibly. When these little errors get discovered it does something worse, it erodes trust. And despite mainstream media’s portrayal of Dr. Fauci, our trust has been eroded. 

Another area, Dr. Fauci has been less than clear on, is the work his organization sponsored with a $7.4 million dollar grant to the Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci authorized this grant, according to Newsweek, to support research in Gain of Function for viruses. Gain of Function in layperson’s terms is taking wild viruses and passing them through live animals until they mutate. Many believe this was the origin of Covid-19. 

Interestingly, over 200 scientists have denounced using Gain of Function in experiments, because of the inherent dangers. Believing that there is an increase in the potential of creating a pandemic. With alarmingly good foresight they were right. Dr. Fauci has been asked to explain why he supported this type of research and does not respond directly. Instead of sending confusing and rambling explanations. 

Recently, I viewed a number of Dr. Fauci’s YouTube videos, where he appears on national media. He receives far fewer likes than dislikes. In fact in one video, he had 535 likes versus, 3,200 dislikes.  People have started to tune him out and no longer trust him. 

Mainstream media will still use him to support their agenda, but the facts support most Americans don’t trust Dr. Fauci. 

Here is the problem with this lack of trust. People have become suspicious of all information, including the importance of being vaccinated. While misguidedly Dr. Fauci assumed he was helping, he actually did far more than damage. Our leading expert is no longer trusted. 

This is too bad, because Dr. Fauci is certainly a brilliant doctor, he graduated from Cornell in 1966, number one in his class. He rose very quickly and became the head of the National Institute of Health by 1984. For years, he was the advisor to presidents starting with Ronald Reagan. 

Like too many of our government employees he developed a negative of view of the intellect of the American people. He has heard too many back office conversations that we are no better than sheep from other technocrats, causing him to have a distorted view of We the People. 

Jesus two thousand years ago pointed out the importance of telling the truth, by saying, And the truth will set you free. No matter how difficult it is, we should always be truthful and listen to Jesus’ advice. You can’t solve any problem without the truth and honest facts. 

Dr. Fauci isn’t a bad person, just alarmingly misguided and reflects the attitude which must change in Washington. Americans always want to help. We are a group which will always respond and chip in. In any tragedy, Americans have always risen up and are far smarter than credit is given by the Washington elite. It is time those we pay through our taxes hear this message. It is also time to follow the advice of Jesus. 

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Dr. Bruce L Hartman, Christian Author and Story Teller. A former Fortune 500 CFO who left the corporate world to engage in a ministry of “Connecting The Lessons of the Gospels to the Modern Workplace.”  His life mission is “Helping People Walk into a Brighter Future.”

He is the author of Jesus & Co.  and Your Faith Has Made You Well