Twitter Users Are Scratching Their Heads Over This Video Of Biden Taking Questions From The Press

Written by K. Walker on March 17, 2021

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Some say that a green screen was used to show President Biden out talking to the media, others say that it’s just an odd camera angle. Whatever it is, it’s definitely weird.

Just to be clear to the fact-checkers and the ad-hosting services out there…

This is examining what other people are saying on Twitter. ClashDaily is not suggesting that President Biden isn’t a real person and a CGI construct.

Let’s be real for a second…it’s pretty strange that President Biden barely appears in front of the (largely) fawning press that consistently lobs softball questions at him.

Remember when his team was pulling the plug on reporters during virtual interviews and Biden’s team was calling a “lid” day after day during the campaign? I do. When Joe finally came out of his basement, the big question the media asked him was what flavor ice cream he had ordered.

Our media should be ashamed for making the North Korean media blush over the blatant partisanship, but they’re not. One would have to have the capacity to feel shame in order to be ashamed.

The thing is, average voters are noticing that the new occupant of the White House isn’t nearly as accessible as the previous one.

It has been 56 days since the Inauguration and President Biden has not given a solo press conference. This is the longest stretch of time that a newly-elected President has waited to face the press in 100 years.

Yesterday, the White House announced that the President would hold his fist solo presser on March 25 — his 64th day in office. It apparently takes nine days to prep President Biden for the tough questions he’s going to face — like what his favorite pasta shape is. (I’m just speculating, but you know it’s going to be about that speed.)

Oh, I know I shouldn’t mock the press. They apparently asked him a tough question just yesterday as he was getting ready to board Marine One. The video posted by The Hill received a whole lot of scrutiny, but for all the wrong reasons.

Leaving aside the whole border crisis going on right now because Biden said that he’d stop deportations for the first 100 days, and during the Democratic debates all of the candidates promised “undocumented migrants” free healthcare and Joe Biden urged asylum-seekers to cross the border illegally because America is a welcoming nation…

Did that video look…off to you?

You’re not alone.

There’s something funky going on with the mics and Biden’s hand.

The more you watch, the weirder it gets.

An anonymous Twitter user with the handle “Aldous Huxley’s Ghost” posted a thread with an examination of the video that captures the questions most people are posing about the video.

It’s a truckload of weird.

Some Twitter users gave their best explanations for the odd video — Biden is leaning in, there’s a distortion of the camera.

Ian Miles Cheong posted several photos of Biden — and even one of Trump — addressing the press showing just how long those mics are.

At a time where deepfake videos are a thing that exists, it’s probably good to have a healthy dose of skepticism.

Look at what you can do with historical portraits now:

Technology… ain’t it grand?

So, perhaps dismissing this as just another tinfoil hat conspiracy theory isn’t exactly fair.

That said, it’s pretty clear from the still photos taken at different angles that President Biden did indeed appear before the press yesterday before boarding Marine One.

My two cents: If they took all that effort to use a “green screen” or CGI, or whatever, they’d also have made Joe’s comments a bit more eloquent and less dismissive. You know, more Obama and less Biden. The fact that Joe Biden is acting like…well, Joe Biden, is enough to convince me that it’s real because I don’t think that the political operatives could resist the opportunity to transform Joe Biden into the statesman that they desperately want him to be.

What are your thoughts?

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