UNACCOMPANIED MINORS: How Biden’s Immigration Policy Is Incentivizing Family Separation

Written by Wes Walker on March 1, 2021

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Democrats know that carrots and sticks incentivize specific behavior. If they care about family separation as much as they claim, they should rethink their immigration policy.

Trump’s arrangement with Mexico for those attempting to seek refugee status to remain on that side of the border as they wait was an elegant solution to the catch-22 that came with the obligation to detain the adults, the obligation to release the children after a pre-determined time, the failure of border-jumpers to show up for hearings, and the public outcry against family separation (even though in many cases the adults coming across were coming across with non-relative children).

Biden in his all-too-finite wisdom, has reversed that policy without giving much thought to what consequences (other than a massive influx of future Democrat voters into red and purple states) would come of it. He LOVES illegal immigration. This was him a year ago, when Tom Cotton was already warning us that COVID would be a problem: ‘Moderate’ Biden Supports Ending Detention Of ALL Illegal Immigrants (Video)

Joe really has no excuse for NOT forseeing this problem, Helen Keller could have seen this coming. He had warnings: Former ICE Director Predicts Biden’s Rhetoric Invites Border Surge ‘We Have Never Seen Before’

But he has an agenda, whether his own or someone else’s, and he is rolling it out as though he had some overwhelming mandate to do so.

A Customs and Border Protection staffer told top administration officials Thursday the agency is projecting a peak of 13,000 unaccompanied children crossing the border in May, sources directly familiar with the discussion told Axios.

Why it matters: That projection would exceed the height of the 2019 crisis, which led to the infamous “kids-in-cages” disaster. It also underscores a rapidly escalating crisis for the Biden administration.

“We’re seeing the highest February numbers than we’ve ever seen in the history of the [Unaccompanied Alien Child] program,” a Department of Health and Human Services official told Axios. —Axios

With AOC already calling him out for the barred Biden Boxes immigrant kids are being stashed in now…

(Who built the cages, Joe?)

… this is going to get much worse before it gets better. If it does get better.

Especially if the left ever figures out that Coyotes are NOT good people to be doing business with, and their system is a gold rush for Coyotes preying upon desperate people hoping to reach the American promised land.

Leftists Don’t Seem To Know That Coyotes Are Human Smugglers — Hilarity Ensues
And with Democrats NOT being lockstep in this issue, there’s no way Biden will get through this without taking heat for it.

Don’t expect anyone from their side to bring up the fact that the INCENTIVES are the problem here, and that flawed immigration law, the incentivized influx of immigrants pretending to be refugees, and the issues we laid out above are at the heart of the problem.

No, you can expect the solution will be fewer restrictions and greater generosity. Until the free money runs out, anyway.

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It’s pretty hard to defend closed schools and an open border at the same time, Joe.

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If we had an honest press, they’d be calling you out on it.

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