Are We Paying ‘Internet Influencers’ Now To Promote Getting ‘The Jab’?

Written by Wes Walker on April 15, 2021

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It isn’t just a change in administrations we’ve seen since Joe took office… it’s a change in narrative. Politics and media aren’t doing the greatest job of shifting gears from fear to hope.

How desperate are they to turn this around? The government has (reportedly) been turning to ‘internet influencers’ to help fix the damage.

For example, this lady claimed she has been offered thousands to post her vaccine experience:

That lines up with news stories we were seeing in December, once Biden was safely on his way to the White House.

That’s exactly the problem. The messaging was all screwed up and the left had only themselves to blame.

After months of pessimism around the vaccine rollouts, throwing cold water on Trump’s promise that the vaccines would be ready in 2020 (they were) and that they would be a tested and effective method of preventing someone from contracting the virus (it was), telling us all that Trump’s Project Warp Speed was a colossal failure on every level (it was not) Joe suddenly finds himself in a tough spot.

With the endless skepticism drummed up by the talking heads on the left straight through to the end of January (COVID fear drove ratings ‘like gangbusters’ at CNN) compounded by people like Kamala and Cuomo politizing the ‘Trump’ vaccine, it’s a wonder any Liberals are willing to take it at all.

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On the other side, conservatives are frustrated that the public officials who are operating in a position of trust have set their credibility on fire by lying to us, getting caught lying to us, and then telling us they were lying to us for the greater good.

Trust and credibility are the only currency these public officials had, and open partisanship is the quickest way to destroy it.

Browbeating people into obedience is not an effective strategy of getting people to willingly cooperate. Especially when business are being bankrupted, and religious meetings are being forcibly closed.

Forbidding anyone from asking the kind of questions that would lead to a complete understanding of risk/reward dynamics needed for informed consent isn’t helping drive credibility either. Neither is the arbitrary silencing of people raising the ‘wrong’ questions on social media, dismissing even licensed medical authorities as ‘misinformation’. In the case of Johnson and Johnson, the news networks carried information about the reason behind a ‘pause’ that would have been silenced as disinformation just a day earlier.

The left likes to paint the ‘knuckle-dragging’ Trump supporters are the people who don’t ‘believe the science’, forgetting that the reasons for hesitancy are as varied as the people who hesitate.

Some are not convinced that the illness is serious enough (for normal, healthy people) to make them even care about taking it.

Others are conscious that these vaccines are released under FDA’s ’emergency use authorization’, rather than being fully vetted and tested. They are happy to wait this new species of vaccines has a chance to work out all the bugs, and have a good understanding of any longer-term effects that might or might not stem from giving unprecedented operating instructions to the cell’s mRNA to build made-to-order proteins.

Others have looked at specific aspects of their own health and decided they have a greater chance of certain side effects than the average person.

The Marines were trending because 40% of them have not shown an interest in getting poked.

There is another group that isn’t responding to the invitation to join the vaccine bandwagon. One that is pretty embarrassing to Left’s narrative of Trump-worshipping anti-vaxxers leading the opposition to vaccinations (which Trump himself has encouraged people to take, by the way).

Black Americans.

They aren’t super-excited about sticking an untested product into their bodies. Besides the CNN/Democrat Anti-Trump propaganda, could it have anything to do with a historical event of some kind?

Nah. Couldn’t be that, could it?

Now they’ve got to clean up a mess they helped make. How?

By paying people to persuade them.

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