ROBESPIERRE EFFECT: Biden Facing ‘Friendly Fire’ As BLM Turns Its Rage Against Him

Written by Wes Walker on April 22, 2021

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If he was more familiar with history, Biden would know that radicals willing to use violence to achieve political ends will eventually turn against their so-called friends.

Now that the hard-left agenda is well and truly underway, the radicals are feeling emboldened. They have become less interested in hiding behind the Trojan Horses they rode into political power.

BLM, as the de facto paramilitary arm of the DNC, did their part to deliver Democrats the political power they wanted. Now they’ve got a ‘request’.

Spoiler Alert: It isn’t really intended as a question.

‘Terrorized at a greater rate than they had been under Trump.’

If you don’t think those words are intended as an ultimatum, think back to how BLM treated Trump and his supporters … right up to the point of trying to storm the White House on June 1, where Secret Service thought the situation dangerous enough that they removed the First Family to a position of safety. (It was a decision Joe mocked Trump for while campaigning as if following the security protocols of the Secret Service was somehow ‘cowardly’.)

BLM is signaling to their supporters that Biden’s position on policing is WORSE than Trump’s. That tells us something.

The message seems to be that the BLM (with their self-described ‘Marxist-trained’ founders) have already begun to decouple themselves from more centrist Democrat positions.

The ultimatum presents Joe with a ‘keep up or get run over’ ultimatum, with BLM’s extremist demands being the measuring line of which menu Joe gets to order from.

That’s the problem with hiring ambitious goons. When they decide they don’t need you anymore, they can easily turn on their supposed masters.

And with all the rhetoric he’s been spewing about evil white guys, what, exactly, will Joe Biden be able to do about it?

He’s weak against our domestic enemies. Weak against our foreign adversaries.

But at least he’s tough as nails against the Constitutional freedoms of his own citizens.

Oh wait… that isn’t a win, is it?

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