Christian Author Blasts Cops Who Enforce COVID ‘Mandates’

Written by Doug Giles on April 9, 2021

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If our Law Enforcement Officers want us to ‘back the blue’ in a world that hates us, they will need to remember exactly whose rights they are hired to defend.

For a year that has been so focused on wearing masks, this year has shown the world a lot of people’s true faces.

Tinpot tyrants who can’t wait to use pandemic shutdowns to help their friends and hurt their foes? Check.

Misanthropic hall-monitors looking for someone to accuse and club with their handy-dandy Covid cudgel? Check.

Oath-breaking officers who would rather play the executive enforcer of ridiculous restrictions with NO legal authority than tell those tyrants to go pound sand? Check.

Prissy Preachers preemptively surrendering and choosing to obey men, rather than God? It’s embarrassing, but, we’ve got a lot of them too.

But that’s not all we’ve got. We’ve got some folks in our midst who have not yet forgotten what it means to breathe the air as free men and women… and these are the times when those folks really shine.

Let’s start with remembering the stories of a couple of badass preachers who weren’t going to bow the knee and kiss the ring, this Easter no matter who came calling for their surrender.

After that, let’s get into the issues.

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