CHAUVIN / FLOYD MURDER TRIAL: If Biden Were Truly A Good Leader, He’d Make THIS Statement To All Americans

Written by Wes Walker on April 9, 2021

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If Joe Biden were capable of doing the right thing, and that ‘soul of the nation’ line was anything more than an empty political platitude, he would do this… but don’t hold your breath.

Joe Biden, since moving into 1600 Pennsylvania has taken off his mask and shown himself to be exactly the proud, petty, and petulant partisan we always believed him to be.

If there was any doubt, one need look no further to how he doubled down on his bizarre Jim Crow Eagle 2.0 talking points, decrying as ‘racist’ anything he doesn’t like, or that stands in his way.

Hell, Joe’s entire campaign launch established a demonstrable lie as its cornerstone (his Charlottesville claim) and the media had his back while he did so. Now he’s taken a page from Goebbels with his ‘Big Lie’ language in an effort to slander his political opponents to leverage and secure a defacto unopposed one-party rule.

Rather than ‘pouring oil on troubled water’ to reduce tension, he is pouring gas on a fire and stoking racial and political divide.

Joe Biden Is STILL Pushing The Lie That Trump Hasn’t Condemned White Supremacists

Now, an entire nation watches on as the criminal trial of Derek Chauvin winds its way toward an eventual verdict.

This trial is not like other trials.

Many Americans have already made up their mind about the facts of this case, and if they don’t get the result they think they are owed, they will chalk it up to a miscarriage of justice and all Hell will break loose.

If you thought the LA riots were bad, just remember that the burning and looting we saw all last summer was triggered by the death of George Floyd. What happens if the same crowd who burned and looted their way through last summer makes up their mind that a guilty man walked?

Even if he is found guilty, what happens if the celebration in the streets takes a darker turn after sunset, and one or two ‘revelers’ use the cover of the crowd to break a window or start a fire?

When crowds and emotion are gathered together, it doesn’t take much of a push for dominoes to start falling.

Scott Adams, whose area of expertise is persuasion, made exactly the right point about how Biden and Harris need to handle this to avert the kind of burning and looting we saw last summer.

This is, objectively, the right thing to do.

But will any of the leading Democrats do it? Don’t hold your breath.

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