Concrete Barriers Now Erected Around Home Of Cop Who Fired That Fatal Shot

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2021

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She’s not actually in the house at the moment — you can hardly blame her — but police are taking no chances now that the ‘burn it down’ crowd knows her name.


Two new relevant details to this story came along just as this story was going live.

1) The officer involved is now facing second-degree manslaughter charges.

2) Well, we’ll let this tweet cover it.

***End Update***

ClashDaily is well aware that the name of the officer we saw shouting ‘taser taser taser’ in the moments before the lethal shot was fired into Mr. Wright has been made public.

We are also aware that there are many people in Minneapolis whose anger and cynicism has been exploited by activists and media alike who have convinced them that police are ‘systematically racist’ and kill young black men ‘for sport’.

The cynicism and rage has boiled over into violence with dangerous regularity, and has led to activists taking joy in what they consider justified wanton destruction and looting.

Don’t take our word for it, ‘burn it down’ is the actual name of this chick’s social media accounts: WATCH: These Social Activists Don’t Just Ignore Looting, They Actively Encourage It

There is an explicitly specific and credible threat against the lives of these police, as evidenced in this video: BLM Activists Threaten To Dox Officers And Kill Their Families — Is THAT A Terrorist Threat?

Is it any wonder we have chosen not to reference the name of the female officer implicated in this lethal force incident?

But now that others have made her name public, lives have been endangered… and not just hers.

Police officers in the Minneapolis suburb of Champlin erected barriers around the home of the officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, during a traffic stop last weekend.

The New York Times reported that concrete barriers and fencing were wrapped around former Brooklyn Center police officer [redacted]’s home. A neighbor told the Wall Street Journal that the community is on edge.

“We’re stressed, we’re nervous,” the woman told the paper. “I’ve been told some of the neighbors have left.”

…The Washington County Attorney’s Office said it is reviewing the shooting of Wright and expects to have a charging decision Wednesday, FOX9 reported. —FoxNews

Of course some of the neighbors will have left!

It’s not the police officer they are afraid of. They’re afraid of the enraged mob that believes their misplaced rage gives them an extrajudicial right to destroy as though they see themselves as some sort of a hand of justice doing the Lord’s work… collateral damage be damned.

We can say with some confidence that they won’t think themselves nearly so badass the day they finally meet the Lord himself, face to face.

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